Our Story

In 2011 we set the beginning of the most interesting adventure we have ever embarked on. The founding of Contest Distribution allowed us to quickly enter the world of fast moving consumer goods. This has led us to specialize as wholesale distributors of world-renowned brands that are known around the world. As passionate fans of sweets, the direction we were heading was clear – the world of confectionery.

Over more than 9 years of sales, experience and research in the international market, we have gradually gained additional categories to our business, thus aiming at the further development of the company and greater choice for our current and future customers.

The years and our valuable experience have allowed us to touch many different and beautiful destinations, different cultures and nationalities, ethnicities and religions, which have helped us even better to get to know the world, our customers and their desires.

Thanks to all the factors and situations that have happened to us and continue to happen, we are able to constantly learn, improve the decisions we make to succeed 100%, improving the reliability and speed of our supply network of long-term customers.

Our supply network includes customers located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia. To this day, our biggest specialty is confectionery, but also our company specializes in coffee, energy drinks, detergents, personal hygiene, households.

Live The Experience With Contest Distribution

The highest goal of our team is to make the whole experience with us always unforgettable. The approach we offer to each of our partners is based entirely on their personal needs and desires. Thanks to this foundation, we are able to outline a successful strategy for each of our clients.The additional fundamental foundation of our success is the full range of the best services, which are extremely important for your peace of mind. Thanks to the tireless work of our reliable partners, we can provide you with a complete organization of:-Delivery by land, sea and air.- “Door to Door” delivery.-According to your needs complete labeling of your product, according to the language you need.-Complete preparation of all commercial documents, certificates and customs documents.

-Different ways of loading the goods, according to your needs.

Why Contest Distribution?

Relying on our years of experience in the field of fast moving consumer goods, you set the beginning of a truly unforgettable partnership based on best practices in business. We will not just take care for deliver the product, which you want. Especially for you we will fully fulfill your wishes for the highest quality products, with proven European origin, always freshly produced, delivered in the fastest way, and  of course- On the best possible prices!


Business Development

Nasko Stoyanov

Business Developer

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Import Department

Magdalena Stoychenska

Import Specialist

Tel: +359 87 794 8724 Email:

Export Department

Dima Kapsareva

Sales Representative

Tel: +359 87 682 9207 Email:

Ivan Ivanov

Sales Representative

Tel: +359 89 0515831 Email:

Gergana Dimova

Sales representative

Tel: +359 89 793 0702 Email:

Yanna Kostova

Sales Manager

Tel: +359 89 706 6838 Email:

Logistics Department

Elitsa Stefanova

Logistics Specialist

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