Curious Facts about Procter & Gamble's First Truly Global Brand: Always

Always is a US brand, currently owned by the international FGMC corporation Procter & Gamble. Most of the menstrual hygiene products manufactured by the company are fabricated in P&G’s largest plant in North America, based in Canada. Although Always has built quite a few smaller local factories in several countries worldwide, the one in Canada still remains the major warehouse from which Always exports its products worldwide. The company's current product line is rather impressive, spanning from ultra-thin daily pads to disposable pantyliners, disposable underwear for women, and sanitary pads of various sizes and shapes, including always overnight pads.

Despite the fact that Always is a global brand, known by women all over the world, its products bear different names in some countries. In Spain, for example, their wholesale pads are known under the brand name Evax. In Italy, they are sold as Lines. In Turkey, distributors selling bulk sanitary pads sell them under the distinct brand name Orkid. In Portugal, women know them as Ausonia. In Australia, Indonesia, and the Asian countries of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, their trade name is Whisper. Always is the brand distributed by consumer goods dealers in the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Africa.

Are You Up for Some Always Pads Online Shopping?

If you are looking for a global distributor to assist you order always pads online, Contest Distribution is at your disposal. We have been in the FMCG business for more than a decade which has helped us build a solid network of trading partners around the globe and has given us the confidence to call ourselves reliable and trustworthy. Here is a sample list of some of the Always pads we export to almost all ends of the globe:
  • Daily bulk feminine products: Always Discreet Liners Normal (44 pcs), Large (40 pcs), Long (28 pcs); Always Discreet Irresistible (60 pcs); Always Discreet Deo Water Lily (20 and 60 pcs); Always Discreet Deo Spring Breeze (20 and 60 pcs); Always Discreet Deo Ocean Breeze (20 pcs); Always Discreet Trio Pack (60 pcs); Always Discreet Deo Summer Fresh (60 pcs); Always Discreet Normal Plus (20 pcs); Always Discreet Deo (20 pcs); Always Platinum Liners Normal and deo - Fresh and protect (30 pcs).
  • Disposable underwear: Always Discreet Pants M (9 pcs) and L (8 pcs); Always Discreet Pads Small (20 pcs), or Small + (16 pcs).
  • Always Platinum—the premium quality collection: Always Sanitary Pads Platinum Normal Size 1 (8 pcs or duo pack 16 pcs), Size 2 (7 pcs or duo pack 14 pcs), Always overnight pads with wings: Ultra Night Size 3 (6 pcs or duo pack 12 pcs), Secure Night Size 4 (5 pcs or duo pack 10 pcs).
  • Always Classic: Normal Plus Size 1 (normal) 10 pcs or duo pack 20 pcs, and Always Classic Super Plus Size 2 (maxi) 9 pcs or duo pack 18 pcs.
  • Always Sensitive: Always Sensitive Sanitary Pads Normal Plus 10 pcs, Always Sensitive Sanitary Pads Super Plus 8 pcs or Duo 16 pcs, Always Sensitive Ultra Super Plus 8 pcs or Duo 16 pcs
To buy Always pads online, get in touch with the logistics team of Contest Distribution via mail or phone. We will tailor a personalised deal to boost your local business.
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