A brand mix that will seduce you right away!

Contest Distribution offers you thousands of irresistible goods of the most popular brands and we expand our product list every day. Our branded products are a real temptation to the end-customer and that is why our wholesale sweets distribution is well established even with our B2B partners who are outside the food retail market. 

Are you looking for a Kinder Chocolate wholesaler online? Or maybe you need a confectionery distribution company to supply your cash & carry in The Netherlands?
Potato chips, candy, gums, coffee, tea, energy drinks, you name it. All of the FMCGs we offer are proven to be profitable for any of our partners, thanks to our team’s unceasing efforts to provide you with the best wholesale distribution service. 

Quality and origin are guaranteed

All of the offered products have been carefully evaluated in terms of the manufacturing process, quality, pricing and compatibility in a given market. Our sales team is always updated with the recent promotions and seasonal offerings. We work only with goods that are proven to be trendy and appealing to the consumer. We can all notice a Kinder Bueno bar, even if it is amongst hundreds of other confectionery products, can't we? 

Contest Distribution works only with 100% genuine branded products, manufactured in Europe (France, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, and so on). Below you can find some of the most frequently distributed and attractive products that we can offer to you:

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It has always been a pleasure for us to help every retailer find the brand assortment mix that works best for them.
Are you having trouble finding a chocolate or chips product on our website? We will do our best to deliver it for you. Thanks to our experience of over a decade in the sweets/food industry, we will limit your efforts and increase satisfaction in the whole process. Just contact us and send all your questions!

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