How Nestle Has Found Their Way Through the Constantly Growing FMCG Market

If you are wondering why Nestle nowadays is such a corporate giant in the dairy confectionery industry on a global scale, you will most likely get more than one answer. There are quite a few reasons for this brand name to enter the winner's podium stand in the intercontinental competition for confectionery manufacturers.
  • First of all, the quality of the multinational Nestle products. It is not surprising that the company’s logo states “Good food, good life”. They manufacture a wide variety of FMCGs which are nourishing and nutritious: Nestle Musli, Nestle Fitness cereals and snack bars, culinary frozen food, drinks, dairy, coffee, organic baby food, water, high quality chocolate and confectionery, even ice-cream. 
  • An established positive long-term company reputation. The history of Nestle dates back to 1905, when the “Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company” (founded in 1866) merged with “Farine Lactee Henri Nestle” (founded in 1867). Ever since that date the Swiss multinational food corporation has acquired several other companies to expand their product line. The list includes Crosse & Blackwell, the Swedish frozen food brand Findus, the canned food company Libby’s, Rowntree Mackintosh (which originally came up with Kit Kat pop choc and Kit Kat bulk pack), Klim and Gerber. 
  • Product diversity. There is a little something for every taste. From tempting aero chocolate and Nestle ice-cream to Nestle fitness cereal chocolate for the fans of packaged goods who take healthy food consumption very seriously. 

Nestle Dairy Products Delivered Worldwide by Contest Distribution 

Having the reputation of an experienced Nestle wholesaler gives us the possibility to constantly expand our team and global logistics network. We are also continuously negotiating distribution deals for more Nestle products for wholesale suppliers. Here is a summarized list of our most ordered Nestle confectionery for 2022:
  • Wholesale Kit Kat bars
  • LZ aero chocolate (milk, dark, or white)
  • Nestle fitness chocolate bulk
  • Nestle ice-cream bulk, including Nirvana ice-cream
  • Nestle lion sweet snack bars
  • Nescafe and Nesquik instant hot drinks 

How to Effortlessly Import Top-of-the-line Nestle Confectionery 

If you are looking for an international partner to ship to your warehouse globally-recognized wholesale Nestle products such as Kit Kat, Smarties, LZ chocolate, Nesquik, Nescafe, Nirvana ice cream, just to name a few, you have found it in the face of Contest Distribution. Our team has not only made it through one of the hardest import-export pandemic and post-pandemic periods in the global confectionery distribution industry but has established a reputation of being one of the most trustworthy Nestle suppliers in Europe. We have also recently set foot on various destinations in Asia and North Africa: Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, China, Hong Kong, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc. 

We are always looking forward to another challenging destination to ship a Kit Kat bulk purchase or a new business commitment regarding all Nestle imported products. If you are curious about our promotional deals and personalized delivery specials, you can email us with your inquiry at any time of the day. We will make sure to promptly get back to you with more details about the finest Nestle wholesale price you can get. 
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