Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get offers and prices?

It does not matter if you are looking for international candy wholesale, chips products wholesale distribution, confectionery import, energy drinks distribution, or detergents storage, our team is always ready to provide you with price offers as soon as possible. There are several options to get a quote:

  1. Type the name of a product that you want in the search field. For example, “Lindt Milk Whole Almond 300 g”. Then see the product details and send us an inquiry through the product page directly. Please describe the exact details, so that the communication will be faster and leave your contacts for a follow back. 
  2. If you cannot find your product or you are looking for several confectionary products to buy in bulk, you can use our contact form directly and place all the inquiry details there.
  3. There are inquiry forms, you can use depending on the purpose of our services, suppliers, and customers pages
  4. Our teams’ contacts are listed here.
  5. There is always an option to send an inquiry via email at [email protected].

 The same goes for direct orders or any other questions that you have. Just remember to leave your contacts and our team will get back to you.

How long does it take to receive an offer?
Our team will gladly answer all your questions and/or send you an offer within the next business day. 

It does not matter if you send us an inquiry for kinder maxi distribution, milka products wholesale, corny import or you want to be our new lavazza supplier. Whatever service or product you need, our sales representatives will do their best to get back to you on time.
When is my order considered complete?

When it comes to international FMCG wholesale, we need a 30% deposit to secure the order and consider it complete. 

F. e. You may have placed an order of imported sweets to the Netherlands. We confirm all the logistics and transportation details, as well as the pricing. But, until we receive the amount of the deposit in our account, we do not guarantee that we keep the stock reserved for you. 

For all kinds of questions you may have in regards to order placement, please do not hesitate to contact us


Which currencies and what forms of payment are accepted?

Prior to placing your international FMCG wholesale order online, please be aware of our single possible way of payment.

We accept only bank transfers in EUR in the Contest Distribution official account.

Do you provide goods labeling services?

Yes. For our international customers, we have the option of labeling their wholesale FMCGs prior to loading. It includes unpacking, labeling, and repacking. The full labeling service includes personalization of size, color, and language, depending on the client’s needs. 

This service is subject to extra charge. 

How can I check if the goods are loaded correctly?
Our wholesale confectionery, chips, candy, gums, coffee, energy drinks, and detergents are all warehoused in Bulgaria. To our international clients we provide two options to verify the loading process:
  1. We can share videos in real-time or send photos/videos afterward. 
  2. Our clients may send their representative to be present and control the loading process. 


What transportation options do you offer?

No matter if you are looking for confectionery wholesale enough for a full truck or just a single palette of coffee to be imported. Our team will organize the proper logistics for you. All of our distribution contractors are fully verified and 100% reliable. All your bulk FMCGs will be at your door right on time.

We ship by road, sea, and air. What is more, thanks to our logistics team, for some destinations, we do offer combined freight: road + sea freight.

Are transportation taxes included in the products price?

The prices given in our offers are ex-works. Shipment charges are subject to additional price fares, depending on your location. 

For instance, if you want to buy Bounty wholesale and it has to be delivered from Bulgaria to The Netherlands, transportation fees will be added to your offer. Our logistics team guarantees that you get the best possible prices on the market. However, all clients can arrange a third party to take care of the shipment.

What are the shipping containers capacity details?


Please be aware that the below-listed logistics details are subject to road weight limitations. 

The exact numbers shall be subject to confirmation prior to shipping your order.

Container type Door opening (m) Internal dimensions (m)  Load capacity (m3) Euro pallets per layer Tare (kg) Maximum payload (kg) Maximum gross weight (kg)
Width Height Length Width Height
 20′ 2,34 2,28 5,89 2,35 2,38 28 11 2 300 21 700 24 000
20′ REF  2,29 2,19 5,53 2,28 2,21 23 10 2 950 21 050 24 000
40′ 2,32 2,28 12,04 2,35 2,36 58 24 3 800 26 200 30 000*
40′ HC 2,32 2,58 12,06 2,35 2,68 69 24 4 000 26 400 30 400*
40′ REF 2,29 2,26 11,56 2,25 2,40 50 23 4 300  27 700 32 000*
40′ HC REF 2,29 2,57 11,58 2,29 2,40 55 23 4 450 29 500 33 950*


What are the trailer's logistic details?
Trailer type Dimensions (m) Load capacity (pallets) Maximum payload (kg) Maximum gross weight (kg)  
 Length Width Height 
Standard  13,60 2,48 2,75 33 24 000  40 000
Reefer 13,60 2,45 2,65 33 22 000  40 000
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