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This is Contest Distribution. We are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Contact us for partnership opportunities, whether you are a producer, supplier, or customer looking for a wholesale distribution company online. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!

Join our happy partners and clients in Bulgaria, Europe, and around the world.

Experts in the confectionery market

If you are interested in buying wholesale candy, chocolates, chips, and snacks, or detergents to resell, contact us.

Searching for a coffee distribution company online?

We will gladly answer your questions about all our branded products in stock.
Our team has experience of over a decade in the FMCG market, so you can count on our proficient advice and best prices. We carefully select our products and evaluate their quality and genuine origin to meet your highest expectations.

Import & Export of worldwide known brands

Are you keen on bulk popular products of European origin?

With over 1500 products in stock, this is the right place for you.
Take a look around Contest Distribution and browse through our products list by some of the most well-known brands like Corny, Lindt, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, 7 days, Wrigley, Pringles, Lay's, Ruffles, Doritos, Mentos, Colgate, Palmolive, Dove, Lenor, Always, Gillette and many more.

Searching for something we do not currently offer?

Send us a message and we will be happy to discuss if we can find it for you! We are flexible and client-oriented, so you can count on our delivery and partnership terms. Contest Distribution already ships to over 90 countries around the world.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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