Why are potato chips and snacks so well sold?

The first recipe of potato chips was published in 1817 in “The Cook's Oracle” by William Kitchiner. The book was a best-seller in the United Kingdom and thus made potato chips a famous alternative to french fries. 

A potato chip is a slice of potato that has been fried or baked until crunchy. Today, we can buy potato chips products in many flavors and forms from almost everywhere in various packages. Additional ingredients like herbs, spices, cheese and many more. 

Potato chips products are a favorite snack food to many people, especially in Western countries and anyone can easily note a tube of Pringles, even from a distance. That is why potato chips products, especially from famous brands, are easily sold even in non-food stores and are one of our most profitable products.

The potato chips distribution market has grown sufficiently and equals tens of billions USD every year and approximately one-third of the total savory snacks market. 
The high consumer demand and trends have led to expanding the product types as today not only the traditional potato chips are sold, but also the so-called potato crisps. Lay’s and Pringles for example are made from dehydrated potato flour, fried in the desired shape. 

Other products like Doritos and Star Snacks might also be referred to as crisps or chips, although not classified as potato chips as they are not chipped or made with potato.

Are potato chips healthy?

There have been some discussions in the media about the health risks that potato chips bring, mainly related to the cardiovascular system due to the high salt amounts. However, in 2004 a research held at Queen Mary University in London showed that a small bag of chips contains less salt than a regular bowl of breakfast cereal, including cornflakes. 

Nevertheless, many brands have invested in product development and improvement in terms of health. For example in 2009 Lay's spent about 414 million USD in innovations, including salt crystals that would decrease the sodium amount without impacting the well-known flavor. 

Acrylamide, which is released when the potato is baked or fried at a high temperature, is also related as a potential health issue, as it has a potential cancerogenic effect. That is why many potato chip manufacturers attempt to remove burned slices prior to packaging and thus make their products healthier. They have integrated large scanners in the production line in order to remove the worst potato chips from the process.

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