Why are gums and candy so profitable?

As a part of sugar confectionery, gums and candy are amongst the most popular treats and snacks for both adults and children. Tic Tac, Orbit, Mentos, Five, Skittles, Halls, Trolli, Chupa Chups, Airwaves, or Hubba Bubba - these are all brands that anyone knows. What is more, these are products related to habits and there is no surprise that they are so irresistible and widely consumed. 

Gums and candies are also easily sold in stores where food is not usually offered. They are a recognizable option for a person who just wants to get something sweet, something pleasant or just to refresh their breath. A favorite snack to all kids, gums, and jelly beans are an obvious threat for children in the store. 

For gums, candy, and jelly beans manufacturing the regular sugar is actually not the most widely used ingredient. Other sugars, sugar substitutes, and corn syrup are also used. Jelly candies, such as gumdrops and gummies, use stabilizers including starch, pectin, or gelatin. The market has long ago oriented towards healthy lifestyle products with solutions for no sugar, white teeth, fresh breath, clean nose, etc. This is a sign of the constantly growing and changing consumer demand. 

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