Behind-the-Scenes of the Global Chewing Gum Industry 

Wrigley’s is undoubtedly one of the titans in the chewing gum distribution business on a multinational level. Despite being headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, US, it is a well-known brand not only in its home country but all around the globe. Although Wrigley’s international holding seems stronger than ever before, it took a lot of dedication and hard-work to dominate the world of chewing gum through the years.

Wrigleys was founded in the distant 1891 and has undergone quite a few reforms to reach the level it has reached today. From major chewing gum composition alterations to manufacturing facility and headquarter relocations. All that effort paid off since Wrigley products suppliers can currently be found worldwide.

William Wrigley Jr. Company, related to highly demanded products as Airwaves, Orbit, Five Gums, Hubba Bubba Gums and Skittles, has been a part of Mars Incorporated since April 2008. That alliance made Mars Wrigley Confectionery the most massive chewing gum manufacturer in the world with more than 20 production facilities.

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In order to maintain our impeccable reputation and stand out from other international Wholesale Skittles candy and Wrigley Gum distributors, Contest Distribution offers a wide variety of Wrigley products, ready to be shipped in any event to even the most distant part of the world 24/7.
  • The ultimate party snack Skittles. Here is a list of the bulk buy Skittles sweets with worldwide delivery that we have in stock: Skittles Smoothies, SkittlesTropical, Skittles Fruits, Skittles Wild Berry, and Skittles Crazy Sours.
  • A broad selection of sugar-free Orbit chewing gums: pellets, bottles, dragee, tabs and sticks. As veteran Orbit gum distributors we have the entire selection of gums highly recommended by orthodontists for cavity prevention: Orbit Strawberry or Watermelon, Orbit White Freshmint, Orbit White Bubblemint, Orbit White Spearmint, Orbit Peppermint Dragee, Orbit Eucalyptus Dragee, Orbit Winterfrost Dragee, and, of course, the Classic Orbit for Kids.
  • Kids choice: delicious Hubba Bubba chewing tapes - Hubba Bubba Snappy Strawberry, Strawberry/Blueberry/Watermelon as well as Hubba Bubba Fancy Fruit.
  • The delicious Airwaves taste you love: Airwaves Menthol & Eucaliptus, Airwaves Ice Mint Airwaves Cool Cassis, and Airwaves Extreme, offered by our airwaves gum distributors in both bottles of 46 and packs of 10 pellets. 
  • Teens top choice - Five Gum. These gum sticks with long-lasting mood-boosting taste for dynamic young people are available for delivery in the following packs: Five Electro (spearmint), Five Turbulence (watermelon), and the classic Five Apple.
  • The exciting new line of chewing gums. These contrast with the classics with their bright bulk chewing gum packaging of 15 sticks: Juicy Fruit, Big Red slim pack, and the refreshing Spearmint. 

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