Mars Incorporated: from a Small to a Globally Recognized Enterprise Business

Becoming a leading company in the consumer packaged goods sector worldwide has taken Mars incorporated more than a century. But the effort has paid off, since in 2022 the corporation holds one of the highest positions in the global confectionery sales market. Nowadays Mars distribution internationally is generating an approximate annual profit of US $40 billion.

It all started in Tacoma, Washington, US in 1911 where the firm’s founder Franklin Clarence Mars established the company. At present it is a privately held business, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, owned entirely by the Mars family. 

Although Mars corporation produces canine and feline nutrition foods, pet care products for veterinary health, drinks for office vending machines, and owns well-known subsidiary brands as Wrigley, it is best recognized for its confectionery products. It may be due to the fact that its early days of glory were marked by the Milky Way distribution. This chocolate-malted milk candy bar took over the local US market quite quickly. Its success was inevitably followed by their next sweet product - the Snickers bar. The company’s following exquisite creation to be acknowledged worldwide was the Mars candy bar. It came right after the establishment of Mars Ltd. in the United Kingdom and is definitely still one of the most favored items globally.

To match the increasing demand for more natural food ingredients on a global scale, in 2016 Mars Incorporated announced that more than 50 of its packaged candies and other consumables would no longer be manufactured with artificial dye. Instead natural coloring such as turmeric or cocoa would be used in production. This policy had an expected positive effect on Maltesers, Bounty, M&M’s, and Twix wholesale worldwide. 

Mars Top-Selling Confectionery Products 

Although Mars single bar is the first item that comes to our mind when thinking about the brand, a few other names are at the leading sales positions of their production, such as Snickers or Twix. Below you can find a list of some of the globally recognized products that Contest Distribution supplies worldwide.

For the top fans of energy balls we recommend the poppable Maltesers spheroid candies made of light milk chocolate, with a malted milk center as the perfect start of the day. Although most commonly found in Japan and the UK, our Maltesers distribution team can ship them to any part of the globe. 

For those enjoying the bright colors of live M&M’s Peanut, M&M’s Chocolate, and M&M’s Crispy are an ideal sweet rainbow solution. Our M&Ms wholesale department can also supply merchants with M&M’s Double Chocolate Cookies.

For the traders interested in chocolate-flavored paste jarred goods, we can distribute the famous M&M's Crispy Spread, as well as Twix Spread or Bounty Spread.
For a flawless party you can choose between a wide variety of bulk wrapped candy. The Celebrations Centerpiece pack includes 8 different types of candies. Other party products which our snickers wholesale company unit dispatches globally are the Miniatures. Those are individually wrapped small candies of Bounty, Snickers, Mars and Twix. We also ship Multipacks (4+1) of Twix, Mars and Snickers. Another celebration special is the Mars Choco Bulk Bag - a mix of minis.

For the classic confectionery supporters there are premium deals on single candy packages of Bounty Cookies, Milky Way,Snickers, Mars Twix, and Bounty bars, along with their super and extra-large versions.

Searching for a Global Mars Wholesale Specialist to Work with Effortlessly?

When looking for a proven and reputable Mars, M&Ms, Twix, Snickers or Milky Way wholesale expert with a well-developed global confectionery placement net, Contest Distribution comes as the most obvious choice. Get in touch with our logistics office to learn more about our affordable candy delivery plans that will help you easily save money while growing your business. We guarantee a pleasant and satisfactory customer care experience regardless of whether you are a warehouse/market owner or simply running a small-town family firm. 
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