Contest Distribution Has Successfully Entered the Israeli Confectionery Market

The team of Contest Distribution is more than happy to announce to all of our potential customers and business partners that we have finally built a stable delivery network in one more inviting Western Asian destination: Israel. Thanks to the convenient Mediterranean Sea location of this holy land, importing bulk candy for sale there is now safer and quicker than ever before. 

What Makes the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Market in Israel Unique? 

Unlike most candy distribution companies headquartered in Europe that would prefer to expand their business locally, Contest Distribution loves challenges and enjoys working with global bulk chocolate suppliers from regions where the import of consumer packaged goods has still not reached its heyday. Israel is definitely a rising star when it comes to FMCG consumption. Here are a few factors to influence that increase in the demand for confectionery and other packaged foods:

Contrary to other parts of the developing world, Israel is proud to be a country with a high percentage of the population being teenagers and young people. This is the target group of most chocolate and sweets wholesale companies worldwide as adolescents tend to consume a higher amount of confectionery on a daily basis. 

As a Middle Eastern country with a rising level of disposable income, Israel has slowly but steadily become a solvent and sound customer on the global confectionery distribution market. Luxury and premium quality products have entered more local homes which increased the import of more expensive coffees and tea, soft and energy drinks, detergents, chips, chewing gums and candies.  

Culturewise the Jewish and Arabian people have more holidays celebrated with confectionery treats, so the general demand for wholesale bulk chocolate suppliers is much higher to Christian or Buddhist countries, for instance.  

An extra tip for kosher confectionery distributors in Israel: 

Israel is the only Middle Eastern country consistent of the whooping 74,3% Jewish population (more than 40% of the global Hebrew population) which makes it a home country of the world’s largest Hebrew society to adopt the kosher dietary laws. According to these laws the dairy products (including milk chocolate and candies) can only include cow, goat or sheep milk. Chicken, duck or turkey meat, and fish meals from trout, salmon, and tuna are the other food products which are allowed, bearing in mind that dairy and meat should never be mixed together. This may set a few limitations to wholesale candy distributors who do not import labels which have been certified kosher. By far two of the best-known kosher-friendly imported confectionery brands in the country that are quite popular over the past decade are Nestle and Ferrero, and, of course, Contest Distribution supplies the entire line of their products. 

How Can Contest Distribution Help You Import FMCGs in Israel

The right way towards becoming a wholesale confectionery insider in Israel and profit from your distribution of Europe-based candy in bulk is finding the right shipping and delivery partner to work with. Now that Contest Distribution has already entered the local market, we are confident enough to announce that the distribution net which we have established is working flawlessly and we are at last ready to meet more potential business partners in this area.

Services That Contest Distribution Team Provides for Our Valued Israeli Customers

A reliable logistics company always knows its limits. Contest Distribution knows we have none. By choosing us for a wholesale confectionery partnership, you get a full package deal of the following 4 services. Guaranteed!
  1. Distribution of branded goods of proven European origin. 
  2. ​ Worldwide wholesale distribution of well-known bulk confectionery, coffee, soft drinks, detergents and other sanitary products.
  3. Product labeling in compliance with the delivery destination. Israeli customers, for instance, often require additional packaging for their bulk candy as well as kosher-friendly food stickers.) Sometimes we may even entirely repackage the goods you have ordered in order to match the local F&B regulations.
  4. Punctual and adequate transportation services without boundaries.
Our logistics team has already been a part of the global FMCG market for over a decade which allows us to offer a timely delivery of diverse famous brands to various wholesale candy importers worldwide.

Basic and Premium Quality Products Offered to Our Business Partners in Israel 

If you have chosen Contest Distribution as your confectionery import partner in Israel, you will be able to receive frequent deliveries from a wide selection of products right at your marketplace or wholesale. Those include:
  • Confectionery
  • Potato chips
  • Chewing gums and candies
  • Tea and coffee selection
  • Soft drinks and energy drinks
  • Ice cream 
  • Detergents

Best Selling FMCG Brands in Israel

As a multinational candy wholesale snack supplier, we ship some of the world’s most famous brands. Here are a few of them, largely distributed in Western Asia:
  • Ferrero. It is one of the first global brands to be supplied in Israel which therefore makes it one of the present-day titans in the local confectionery market. It’s primarily known for products such as Kinder (Kinder Mix, Kinder surprise, and Kinder 50g chocolate), Duplo coconuts, Raffaello, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella chocolate, and Tic-Tac refreshing dragees.
  • Lindt. This brand is considered quite contrary to cheap bulk candy products. Lindt Swiss chocolate is a synonym of refined and exquisite confectionery. Their main product line includes: Lindor chocolate, Lindt excellence chocolate, Lindt bulk buy chocolate (milk, hazelnut, and dark), Swiss chocolate and praline luxury selection boxed candies, grand and classic chocolate series.
  • Mars and Wrigley’s. These brands need no presentation as their names have been in the confectionery business for decades. Their most favored products include: Mars, Snickers, Twix, and Bounty bars and spreads, M&M’s, Skittles, as well as Maltesers. They also dominate the global chewing gum industry with product names like Orbit, Hubba Bubba, Airwaves, Five, Spearmint, Big Red, and Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit.
  • Nestle. A brand that brings pure joy to all ice-cream fans around the globe with its Familia ice-cream line, Pirulo frozen fruit-flavored ice-cream sticks, Aloma, Nirvana and Delta frozen gelato. Nestle also manufactures the well-known bulk chocolate candy Nestle Joe, as well as Kit Kat, Fitness, Muesli and Nesquick cereal bars, LZ chocolate, Nestle Lion packed desserts, and last but not least Nescafe.
  • Mondelez. This brand owns some of the preferred chocolates of the Israelis: Milka - Milka whole hazelnuts, Oreo, Toblerone, and Cote d’Or.
  • The sweet but healthy snack brand Corny.
  • The instant and ground coffee brands: Lavazza, Jacobs, Dallmayr, and Illy.
  • Familiar brands dominating the world of potato chips: Pringles, Lay’s, Cheetos, Doritos, and Ruffles.
  • Hell and Red Bull Energy drinks. We import energy drinks both classic as well as sugar-free.
  • Pepsi products, including Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Mirinda, 7 Up, and Lipton ice tea drinks.
  • Colgate/Palmolive. Their main product line includes soap, shampoos, toothpaste, and Ajax all-purpose cleaning detergents.
  • Bella female hygiene products.
  • Gillette - Gillette blue 2 plus
Contest Distribution has set a goal to promote world-known brands which are still less familiar in the Middle East such as Nuii ice-creams, Chuppa Chups lollipops, Mentos, Trolli jelly beans, and Storck bulk candy. We are also importing chocolate Ritter Sport and Zaini in various forms and packages.

Need Some Popular Bulk Candy of European Origin Delivered at Your Warehouse or Market?

Contact Contest Distribution and get your attractive personalized shipping offer right away. All of your sweets distribution issues and worries may have one simple solution and working with our dedicated team is the key to finding it. We have always welcomed new challenges with commitment and excitement and will be 100% devoted to become your most valued business partner in import/wholesale distribution in Israel. This growing market is undoubtedly a challenging destination that we are glad to work with.
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