Lindt, the synonym of Swiss chocolate around the world

The history of Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG, or just the brand Lindt, dates back to 1845 and a small chocolate store in Zurich’s old town. The family-run chocolatier shop David Sprüngli & Son grew sufficiently during the years and today there are 12 factories and over 410 chocolate cafés and shops around the globe.

The one who put the Lindt chocolate on the world map was Rudolf  Lindt, with its innovation in production and a secret recipe. The invention of conching and adding cocoa butter to the cocoa mass made the Lindt Swiss chocolate so irresistible. But what made it really famous around the world today is a result of the Lindt and Sprüngli partnership since 1899, when Chocolat Sprüngli AG acquired Lindt’s factory, together with the brand and the recipe.

Today, when we talk about the finest Swiss Lindt chocolate, there is no doubt we have the Lindt chocolate brand in mind. Contest DIstribution offers  Lindt chocolates wholesale.

Lindt Confectionery Products

Nowadays Lind offers a variety of chocolate confectionery types, including spreads, in a long list of world-famous brands.

Among the most famous ones is Lindor, which was launched in 1949 as a chocolate bar and 33 years later became the well-known ball. Today Lindor is available in both balls and bars and in an extensive variety of flavors, widely recognized by their colored wrapper, for instance: 
  • Amber: Mangoes and Cream (Limited Edition);
  • Black and gold: Extra Dark 60%;
  • Blue: Dark Chocolate;
  • Bronze: Caramel;
  • Brown and Gold: Milk chocolate shell filled with sugared hazelnut chunks;
  • Brown: Hazelnut;
  • Gold and White: White Chocolate;
  • Hot Pink: Strawberries and Cream;
  • Red: Milk Chocolate;
  • Turquoise: Coconut.
Lindt is also famous for the variety of chocolate bars under several brands. Lindt Excellence product range includes Regular Dark Chocolate,  available in 50%, 60%, 70%, 78%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 99%, or 100% cocoa varieties, as well as many flavors like mint, orange, chilli, sea salt and coconut. Buy in  bulk Lindt chocolate bars at the best price with us!

Lindt makes a Creation range of chocolate-filled cubes: Milk Mousse, Dark Milk Mousse, White Milk Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Orange Mousse, Pistachio, and Cherry/Chilli. 
Other Lindt chocolate brands are Lindt Grand Noisette, Lindt Pralines, Lindt Master Chocolate Selection, Lindt Fruit selection, Lindt Hello, Lind Nuxor, Lindt Crispy Sensation, Lindt Truffles de Luxe.

Seasonal confectioneries by Lindt are a perfect gift and a symbol of high-quality chocolate, just as well as the regular Lindt products. The famous gold bunny is a milk chocolate rabbit available in different sizes for every Easter since 1952. For Christmas Lind produces reindeer, bear, Santa, and other chocolate figures, advent calendars, and chocolate ornaments. Heart-shaped boxes and kissing bunnies are amongst the surprises available for St. Valentine’s Day.

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