Looking for a confectionary logistics company to deliver your bulk branded goods to The Netherlands? Or you just need someone to import kinder surprise wholesale for your cash & carry in Hong Kong? Contest Distribution might have just the right logistics services for you. 

Delivery on time

Thanks to contemporary infrastructure and the skills of our wholesale logistics team, we offer reliable transportation services. 

We carefully schedule and coordinate transportation planning and execution. We constantly aim for optimization of all operations so we can shrink delivery terms. Safe and reliable delivery is what our customers can count on.

Trusted and personal logistics plan for you

We create a delivery plan for each and every customer, depending on their needs and location. We customize even the loading process so that you can relax and just receive your order right on time.

We deliver by air, road, and sea. For some destinations, we even can offer a combined freight. We guarantee that all of our shipment contractors are meeting all legal and operational requirements and are financially secure. 

For more information about shipping containers and trailers’ capacity, as well as transportation fees, visit our FAQ section

Contest Distribution ships food/detergent products successfully to over 90 countries all over the world and Central Europe and Western Europe, such as Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, England, France, Greece, Morocco, Hong Kong, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Malta, Nigeria, Egypt,  the Netherlands, Portugal, India, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.
You need some coffee or energy drinks imported for you, but do not see your country on the list? No worries, we can reach you, wherever you are. Just contact us and let's discuss your wholesale logistics options.

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