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Globally Trending Imported Packaged Goods Exclusively Provided in Central Europe by Contest Distribution

Notwithstanding the worldwide consumer wallet squeeze and worries fueled by the present surge in raw materials, energy, etc., several Central European food countries remain quality- and not price-oriented. German shoppers, for instance, still tend to prioritise the nutritional value of the FMCG foods that they consume over their quantity. The grocery shoppers in the Czech Republic prefer more budget-friendly options but also do their best to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Hungary, well known for its wealthy culture, is another European country that has not changed its healthy food consumption habits that much. Slovakia is the next destination where lots of imported FMCGs are consumed. That’s why wholesale Europe suppliers often import household and personal hygiene goods from foreign brands there. Slovenia, despite having so many traditional sweet treasures like buckwheat pockets, fritole, layered cakes, and koštole, still brings in from abroad lots of world-famous confectionery brands. Croatia is also a promising Adriatic destination where the imported packaged goods market is developing well. Poland has always been an attractive market for fast-consuming retail goods of foreign origin. Retailers there often advertise well and propose seasonal deals that promote big savings.

The Winning International Brands Best Sold in Central Europe

If you have chosen Contest Distribution among other wholesale food suppliers that ship in the CEU area, then you are already on the right path. Here is a brief list of some of our most sought-after FMCG brands and products that you may consider importing:
  • Lindor: the most popular Swiss brand, offering selected premium chocolate products to online FMCG distributors worldwide.Lindt chocolates and choco spread are both symbols of luxury confectionery that have the quality of handcrafted chocolate but are affordable to the general public.
  • Storck confectionery: this company is familiar to wholesale international candy suppliers in CEU with its distinctive brands Merci and Knoppers. Their product line’s market expansion over the past decade has been mainly achieved due to their successful advertising campaigns.
  • The legendary Mars corporation: the cosmic taste of Mars candy bars, the refreshing summer taste of the Bounty coconut bar, the colourful and bright M&M bonbons, as well as the classic legendary taste of Snickers and Twix, need no introduction and sell well in Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, and Czech Republic.
mars confectionery worldwide import
  • Soft baked cookies, fine chocolate, ice-cream, and bonbons by Mondelez, familiar to wholesale food distributors under the brand names Milka, Oreo, Cote d’Or, and Bel Vita.
  • Ferrero Italian confectionery: prestige chocolate bonbons by Ferrero Rocher and treats for children by Kinder Bueno
  • Nestle: Nescafe and Nesquik, chocolates, Familia boxed ice-cream, Nestle Joe, Kit-Kat bars and Smarties colourful dragee. 
  • Popular imported beverage brands: Hell and Red Bull energy drinks and Pepsi soft drinks; Lavazza and Illy ground coffee, instant coffee, capsules, and coffee beans.
  • Packaged potato chips by Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles, Lay’s, and Pringles.
  • Fairy dishwashing liquids.
  • Gillette and Venus razor blades and shaving foam.
  • Personal hygiene items: Pampers baby diapers, Always sanitary pads, Dove soap and shampoo, Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive shampoo and shower gel, etc.

Here’s How We Can Help Retailers in CEU Master the New Post-Pandemic Business Reality

With the rapid consumer goods market fluctuations in mind, Contest Distribution has created various adaptive strategies to help your business profit more. Despite the post COVID-19 changes in demand for fast-moving consumer goods, the business perspective for manufacturers and retailers in Europe may be very bright. Finding a reliable wholesale company is the first step. Contest Distribution can be extremely beneficial for your business because:
  • We harness world-class analytics to gain and evaluate the current FMCG market and help candy wholesale suppliers in Europe react to the drastic budget squeezes of shoppers who tend to buy less or cheaper packaged goods. Since manufacturers want to keep your best interest and help your business grow even in this period of extreme price fluctuations and global inflation, they offer tons of good deals you can take advantage of.
  • In addition to your initial consultation, you will also receive additional aid throughout the entire shipping process. Our logistics team is well-prepared to handle any transportation issues that may arise. We even offer repacking and additional labelling services if you need to adapt an imported product to your local market or if there are certain legal requirements that have to be complied with.
  • For our valued retailers in Central Europe, we have prepared a “4-P Strategy” to follow for guaranteed business success:
  1. Plan. Contest Distribution can help you create a quick revenue-increase plan based on just a few key takeaways regarding your business that you share with us during our primary consultation. This will serve as a base for our future business negotiations.
  2. Predict. In the world of wholesale candy distributors, there are powerful consumer trends that should constantly be taken into consideration. With this huge information overload that traders can find online with open access, it may be hard to make the right choice and predict the preferences of the shoppers. Luckily, our team can guide you in the right direction towards reaching your business improvement goal. We have the right tools and information channels needed to accurately predict future changes in the FMCG trade.
  3. Prepare. Stay open-minded and be ready to adapt to the constant and rapid alterations in the imported consumer goods market
  4. Profit. Get ready to harvest the results of your efforts and invest them wisely in future deals.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Contest Distribution Central European Family?

If you are looking for wholesale Europe bulk candy distributors with more than a decade of experience serving Central Europe, you have found your winner! Contest Distribution has everything you need under one roof, from repackaging fast-moving consumer goods to organising a detailed logistics and delivery plan to match your deadlines. Contact our international wholesale Europe department via mail or phone, and we will make sure to respond with an adequate business partnership plan in a timely manner. Our return customer history as well as our super stocklist of FMCG products prove better than any other testimonials that we are the supplier of consumer goods of European and American origin you need to work with! Get in touch with our team right away, and we will make sure to provide a personalised quote for your business in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Switzerland. Don’t delay, order today!
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