Storck: The Sweet Way to Live Your Life

Storck is a German confectionery company founded in 1903 by August Storck. His great-grandson, Axel Oberwelland, is the current owner of the business. This globally recognized candy manufacturer has had an affiliate in Winchester, England, since 1988. Storck's main facilities in Germany are in Halle, North Rhine-Westphalia, with other locations in Skanderborg, Denmark, and Ohrdruf, Germany. In the early 2020s, the firm was one of the two major candy makers in Germany and one of the top 15 across the globe in terms of sales. That is why Contest Distribution has opted to import this brand's bulk buy products all over the world.

Storck’s Brand Names That Have Travelled the World

Toffifee, Werther's Original, nimm2, Mamba, and Dickmann's are among the brands produced by over 3,200 employees and distributed worldwide by various FMCG dealers. Here is a bit more about the products by brand names:
  • Toffifee. Toffifee has it all: A caramel shell with a distinctive form, filled with a rich and creamy nougat cream, a heart of crispy hazelnut, and a dash of dark chocolate for the perfect finish. When this sweet treat debuted in Germany in 1973 it was the first candy of this type. Nowadays Toffifee wholesale distributors exist in more than a 100 countries all over the world. Toffifee is available in 125g packs of 15 pieces or as a 325g maxi pack of Schoko Toffees.
  • Merci: The small candy that can instantly bring a smile to your face from the very first bite. Merci assorted chocolates make the world a sweeter and happier place. A simple Merci chocolate box offers more than anyone can ask for - an exquisite experience for all senses individually wrapped in gold. Merci was first introduced in 1964 and has won people's hearts ever since. Merci finest assortment of European chocolates can be found in packages of 100g (Merci Tafel Edelbitter, Merci Tafel Kaffee-Sahne, Merci Tafel Edel-Rahm, Merci Tafel Bouron Vanilla, Merci Tafel Mandel-Milch-Nuss), 112g (Merci Tafel Marcipan and Merci Tafel Nougat) 125g (Mersi Petits Collection and Merci Petits Crunch), 250g (Merci Red, Blue, Green, and Brown), 400g and 675g (the classic Merci Red).
  • Nimm2. Nimm2 has been a beloved sweet snack of both children and adults since 1962, and it is one of Germany's best-known candy brands. They are fruit gums with fruit juice and vitamins that come in a wide selection of flavours. Nimm2 soft fruit chews (Nimm 2 Softies and Nimm 2 Softies Yoghurt) usually come in a pack of 90g.
  • Knoppers. Knoppers wafer candy bar was first released in 1983 and has been the favourite crunchy milk-hazelnut snack of thousands of people all over the world ever since. It's a sweet combination of crispy baked wafers, finger-licking filling with milk cream, and a premium hazelnut spread topped with roasted hazelnut pieces. What a yummy treat! Knoppers chocolate price varies depending on the size of the package you prefer. Contest Distribution currently ships worldwide the following items: Knoppers 25g, Knoppers 25g 3 Pack, and Knoppers 25g (8+2). We have good deals on Knoppers Nut Bar Single 40g and Knoppers Nut Bar 3 Pack (120g).
  • Mamba is a chewing fruit delight that is ideal for a party. Mamba stickpacks are a popular kid's treat. Mamba stickpack distribution is available in the following flavours: cola and fruit (Mamba Cola & Friends), fruity sour taste (Mamba Sour), and tropical fruit (Mamba Paradise).
  • Werther's Original. From irresistible hard candies that remind us of our childhood to delicious sugar-free creamy toffees, Werther's Original provides a wide assortment of caramel goods for the confectionery industry that are prepared from only top-quality ingredients.

Keeping the Product Line of One of the Leading German Confectionery Brands at Your Fingertip Has Never Been Easier

Staying close to our business partners and FMCG consumers has always been Contest Distribution's top priority. That’s why we have established a solid global confectionery import network over the past decade, and we are proud to supply wholesalers of Merci assorted chocolates, chocolate Knoppers, Toffifee double choc, Mamba stickpacks, and many more Storck products. All you need to do in order to get a quick response to your local demands is contact the office of Contest Distribution by mail or phone.
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