Hooray, We Are Expanding Our Wholesale Candy Business in the Maghreb Region in North Africa 

Exporting bulk sweets with European origin to Africa has always had its parameters in terms of restrictions and prohibitions, as well as specifications caused by the ethnical diversity of the region. However, no destination is too challenging for wholesale candy distributors like Contest Distribution, so we are proud to announce that we have successfully entered the confectionery market of packaged goods within the State of Libya.

In fact, importing the wholesale confectionery products off globally-recognized brands like Lindt, Mars, Mondelez, Wrigley, Nestle, Storck, Ferrero, Pepsi, Lavazza, and others in Tripoli or other politically-sensitive sections of the Libyan land in the period of post-civil war years has never been easier. The North African world is now open to trendy Western food and beverage merchandise, so potential logistic issues that may occur around the borders of Libya can be easily overcome. The country’s proximity to Europe, through the Mediterranean Sea, makes it possible for us to stick to short-term confectionery and candy delivery deadlines in all its historical regions of Tripolitania, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica. In addition to prompt shipping assistance, we provide snack food repackaging services to meet some Arab-Berber food wrapping specifications which our clients may follow.

Catalog of the European and American Brands That We Ship to the State of Libya

From ground coffee, to dish-washing detergents, chewing gums, and candies for any occasion, we deliver it all. Here is our top 10 international brands worth importing:
1.    Nuii – Your best summer friend. A company specialized in manufacturing ice-cream for any occasion.
2.    Nestle Familia, Aloma, and Milka gelato. Those 3 brands need no introduction as they have ruled the global frozen sweets market for decades.
3.    The coffee manufacturing giants Lavazza, Dallmayr, Illy, and Jacobs. Since Our logistics team knows everything about Arab coffee culture and how Libyans strongly appreciate a good cup of freshly brewed black coffee, we cannot afford to import anything else but the best global espresso brands
4.    Pepsi, Red Bull, and Hell Energy caffeine drinks to tone you throughout the whole day.
5.    Bulk sweets by Lindt, Mars, Snickers, Ritter Sport, and Fererro Rocher.
6.    Party chips and popcorn snacks by Cheetos, Doritos, Pringles, Ruffles, and Lay’s.
7.    Mint drops and bubble gums by Skittles, Orbit, Airwaves, Spearmint, Hubba Bubba, and Five: all owned by the well-known Wrigley’s.
8.    Fairy washing powder, pods, or liquid, as well as dish-washing soap
9.    Colgate tooth care products (brushes and paste), as well as Palmolive body wash and soap
10.  Men’s grooming tools by Gillette. Disposable or reusable razors, Mach 3 blades, Gillette blue blades, double-edged safety razors, and many more.

Sugar Candy of the Month: Chocolate – Our Most Exported Product. It Is Not Only a Treat, It Is Therapy

A few bites of this Swiss delicacy can make the whole world seem lighter and more effortless. Sometimes all we need to take daily issues easy is just a small cocoa bar or a nougat bonbon. It can be a cure against boredom and distraction. So it’s not surprising that Milka is one of the leading global confectionery businesses part of the Mondelez Corporation.

Why Libyan Packaged Good Consumers Prefer This Brand 

The rich cocoa taste and the soft creamy milk chocolate live in a perfect symbiosis, packed in a distinctive purple packaging of various sizes. Libyan chocolate wholesalers know well how rich and tasty this chocolate is and they have already realized that stocking more Milka bulk chocolate bars means attracting more customers. Every person in the world who appreciates the fine taste of chocolate knows that sweets coming from an Alpine country are second to none.
Here are a few of the packaged Milka goods that Contest Distribution is shipping to Libya and its bordering countries: various chocolate flavors in 100g packaging: The local wholesale chocolate suppliers also prefer to import:
  • Toblerone;
  • Oreo Cookies in various sizes,
  • Lindt chocolate and Lindor chocolate bonbons;
  • Ritter Sport Bars;  
  • M&M’s,
  • Kit-Kats,
  • Nestle,
  • Smarties;
  • Kinder Chocolate and Cote’s Or treats.
These are familiar and have a well-established position on the Mediterranean and North-African confectionery market. 

Our Services:

  • FMCG and bulk buy confectionery global distribution.
  • Logistics in various developing African confectionery business destinations, situated around the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Individual merchandise licensing, permit, and legal document consultation for wholesale candy distributors in Libya and the surrounding North-African Berber area. We have designed this service to ensure the profit of the potential supermarket or warehouse owners who want to do long-term business with us.
  • Destination labeling and repackaging service that allows us to legally import confectionery goods in the Maghreb Region.

Let’s Make Awesome Business Together!

Contest Distribution is ready to accept all of your challenging plans regarding the logistics of all the bulk buy confectionery of European origin that you want to get in order to keep your business flourishing. Support, security, and protection are what you get when choosing us as your confectionery distributor. Our time-management and problem-solving skills guarantee that your delivery would not be delayed. We do appreciate your feedback, as it constantly helps us become a better merchandising partner for you. Let’s talk about your business plan and how to work together to get your business expansion started. If you want to join the family of our intercontinental confectionery courier service customers, you can request an old-fashioned international phone call through our contact form. If you prefer e-mail communication, we are also open towards sending you a detailed online business proposition depending on your Libyan location.  
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