It Takes a Century of Hard Work to Get Where Mondelez Is Here Today

Mondelez International is a US-based food and beverage snack corporation which operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. It was originally established in 1923 under the name Kraft Foods Inc. but it gained its peak popularity after acquiring the rights to manufacture Suchards’s Swiss chocolate treats known under the brand name Milka. 

Most of the Mondelez chocolate brands sold globally are continuously rising in sales over the past decade, especially the Alpine milk Mondelez
products as well as the Oreo snacks and ice-cream. According to Mondelez intercontinental trade reports for the first half of 2022, the company’s revenue growth has risen with the following numbers: biscuits 10,4%; gum and candy 25,9%; and Mondelez Milka chocolate (15, 4%). These few figures are a clear sign not only that the company has currently solidly set foot on the global confectionery market but that it is about to conquer it even more in the years to come. 

Feel The Taste of the World’s Favorite Mondelez International Products

Mondelez International holds the exclusive rights to Mondelez international brands with global popularity: Milka, Oreo, Toblerone, TUC, LU, Ritz, Belvita, Marabou, Cote d’Or,Barny just to name a few. They also proudly own the beverage brand Tang as well as a few gum and drops brands.

Mondelez Products That Have Been Manufactured for Decades but Will Never Be Banal

When thinking about accessible Swiss chocolate offered in a wide variety of packaging for any occasion, Milka is most likely the first brand name to come to your mind. Not only has I kept its exquisite traditional taste but has also managed to evolve in a confectionery market-friendly way over the years. Here is a glimpse of the most mouth-watering Milka treats conveniently stored in a 100g package: Besides the all-time favorite mdlz chocolate bars, the small pack of Milka biscuits (150g) are also the perfect snack to-go:

Thinking About Joining the Mondelez Family? - You Are on the Right Path

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The Long Journey of Milka or How It Transformed Over the Years to Spark Brighter Than Ever Today 

When the Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard established his sweets bakery in 1825 he did not even dare to dream about the success his chocolate, branded in its distinct purple, would reach. Suchard company was, in fact, founded in 1901 and offered not only Chocolate bars and holiday novelty shapes, but also chocolate-covered biscuits and cookies. The name Milka chocolate came with the addition of milk to the original recipe which happened at the same year. For a long period of time the fabrication of all packaged sweets was based in Germany. In 2022 its main production is still there but has also expanded to Croatia and Slovakia. The company is currently owned by Mondelez International and is enjoying great success on a global scale.

How Milka Blends with Other Top Globally Recognized Confectionery Products?

When two or more titans in the international packaged goods market come together, they definitely become stronger. That’s why Milka loves to cooperate with cult brands like Oreo biscuits, TUC crackers, Chips Ahoy, LU biscuits, and crunchy marabou Daim.  
Here is a short list of Milka’s Limited edition themed 100g chocolates:
1.    Milka Oreo, Milka Oreo White, and Milka Oreo Brownie – These gourmet combinations have satisfied the taste of even the most sophisticated chocolate addicts around the globe, and have even become a trademark of the company at the US market.
2.    Milka Crushed Hazelnuts and Milka Whole Hazelnuts – Hazelnut fans get to choose between these two appetizing treats wrapped in fine Swiss chocolate. Get in touch with our chocolate wholesale specialists at Contest Distribution and learn more about shipping other similar sweets like Milka Raisins, Milka Peanut Caramel, and Milka Sweet Caramel with Hazelnuts.
3.    Milka Chips Ahoy, Milka TUC and Milka LU – Gentle milk chocolate combined with crackers – a snack worth tasting.
4.    Milka Bubbly – Aerated chocolate that melts in your mouth and treats all of your senses.
Other Milka products that mark a significant sales raise in 2022 are Milka Sensation Biscuits 156 g, Milka Choco Minis and Choc Choc Cookies 150g., the exquisite Milka Cream Cookies 260g, and Milka Choco Wafer, delivered in store packages of 150g and 30g. In May 2019 the company’s best seller `Milka Choko Snack` won the DLG’s European Food Test Center Award with a golden prize which is recent proof that the quality of the ingredients used in the production of Milka biscuits and Milka bulk chocolate is impeccable. 

A Team of Milka Chocolate Distributors Worth Working With

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