Hello, Ice Cream Enthusiasts!

Welcome to our frozen FMCGs department! Ice bars, frozen sandwiches, and boxed ice cream are just a part of the substantial list of ice cream treats that we supply on a global scale. As an experienced ice cream dealer that knows his business, we are proud to introduce you to some items from our frozen foods product tree. We hope that you will find the following information practical.

Find All Legendary Ice Cream Brands Under One Roof

Although finding European wholesale ice cream distributors to supply the majority of trendy ice cream brands worldwide may sound a bit challenging it is certainly not impossible. Contest Distribution delivers wholesale ice cream bars, cones, and boxes to almost every distant part of the Earth. We entered this business more than a decade ago, and today we can proudly announce that we have created a trustworthy packaged goods shipping company with an excellent organization. Here is a selection of the finest brands that we work with. We consider them to be the best in their class when it comes to confectionery or American and European origin: 
  • Familia - Just what an ice-cream should be. It’s so good that you can’t stop with just having a single vanilla cone. That’s why the focus of this brand is to manufacture family box ice cream with various flavors ideal for family gatherings. However, as a Nestle ice cream distributor, we do ship their Familia Hit sandwiches and Familia Galaxy cones as well.
  • Milka - This brand needs no introduction. The Swiss confectionery giant offers boxed ice cream, as well as a wide but classic variety of cones and sticks to choose from. 
  • Nuii - If you are looking for flavors with a more exotic hue and real ingredients to guarantee their premium quality, Nuii should be your choice of preference. Their adventure sticks are a little piece of paradise worth tasting. 
  • Pirulo watermelon and banana sticks. They are able to cool off even the hottest summer day and are one of our most sought after treats amongst kid party organizers.
  • Ice cream for sale in bulk by international brands which have been on the global confectionery market forever: Mars and Bounty ice bar; Snickers ice stick or bar; Kit Kat, Toblerone, Oreo, etc.
  • Boxed ice-cream under the proven labels Aloma and Nirvana. 

We Know Our Customers More Than Anyone Else

Contest distribution’s team is internationally oriented and willing to help with your logistics plan. Our daily motivation to provide more broad grins on our customers’ faces is what keeps us so dedicated to our work. We know that our logistics crew is not only responsible for delivering FMCGs in time but also for shipping smiles disguised as ice cream sticks, ice bars, cones or plastic gelato containers all over the world. Ice cream has always been and will be the best therapy, so we do our best to keep our ice cream wholesale prices reasonable and therefore our frozen products accessible to the mass consumer. To get your personalized detailed plan for wholesale ice cream delivery, we recommend you to contact our office by mail or direct phone call. We are currently expanding our destination list with Middle Eastern, Asian and North African countries. If you are willing to join our family of satisfied customers it will only be a matter of hours.
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