Why are energy drinks so popular wholesale products?

Red Bull, as a caffeine drink, was first introduced in the 1980s, but within a decade the brand grew so much that it became the market leader of energy drinks. Today, Red Bull still is the most popular energy drink. But surely it is not the only one. Energy drinks have become a favorite and a very attractive product in recent decades and it is no surprise that many manufacturers added them to their production line. New huge and famous brands have emerged (Hell Energy Drink, Monster Energy Drink, etc.) and expanded the niche. An evident for the constantly growing energy drinks market is the launch of new flavors and sugar-free cans. In general, the thread for a healthy lifestyle has affected energy drink production as well. 

Are energy drinks healthy?

The idea is that they replace coffee and other caffeine drinks, they make you more concentrated and boost your energy. There are many speculations about the amount of caffeine contained in energy drinks, but according to Red Bull, it is just about the amount of a regular cup of coffee per can. It is true that the amount per litter is huge and is highly risky. That is why the recommended dose of energy drinks per day is a single can. Energy drinks are also not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of thirteen. 

Why buy wholesale energy drinks from us?

It is obvious that the demand for energy drinks is growing fast, so it is important to know where the demand is heading. Our experience in seductive FMCG wholesale allows us to follow all market trends and know what is a best seller product. We can advise you on how to keep your end customers happy with the recent trendy energy drinks, current promotions, and seasonal offerings. As we have direct contact with manufacturers, you can count on our always updated information and comprehensive prices. Our goal is to increase your profitability in the long term and build partnerships that last in time. 

Contact us for wholesale energy drinks distribution now!

Contest Distribution is happy to offer Red Bull, Monster, and Hell energy drinks as a part of its irresistible wholesale products list. Just send us an inquiry and we will shortly discuss with you the cans that are trendy and easy to sell at your retail.
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