Seeking for Leakage Proof Alkaline Dry Cell Batteries Which Last Longer?

Have you ever tried naming things powered by batteries? If you try, you will quickly realize that the list is much more extended than you thought. From toys, remote controls, weight scales, digital cameras, small appliances and gadgets, and hearing aids, to clocks and watches, the list can go on and on. The truth is that nowadays some of our daily routines have become impossible without these portable power sources and we have become dependable on them. That’s why having a reliable supplier of Bulk buy AAA batteries at hand has become invaluable. 

Which Rechargeable, Alkaline, and Coin Cell Batteries Dominate the International Battery Distribution Market 

When we speak of battery brands that hold a significant share of the international battery market, Duracell is most likely the first name to emerge. Although headquartered in the US, the company has “coppertop” battery manufacturing plants and warehouses spread all over the globe - North America, the UK, Mexico, Belgium, even Japan. To place a bulk battery purchase from any of these locations, you will need a reliable FMCG distributor to work with. Trust Contest Distribution once and you will never want to seek another exporter. Here is a short list of the wholesale AA batteries that we ship worldwide: 
  • Duracell optimum AA batteries
  • Duracell “coppertop” AA bulk batteries for sale 
  • Duracell coin and button cells
  • Duracell ultra power batteries with an extended life
  • Duracell batteries compatible for hearing aid devices
  • We do distribute AAA Duracell batteries as well.
For an extended version of this short product list, you can contact our logistics team. 

A Simple 2-Step Formula to Becoming a Successful Wholesale AAA Batteries Dealer

It takes only two steps to join our global team of battery wholesale suppliers:
  1. Get in touch with our international battery sales department to get your personalized AAA battery wholesale price. You can do it either the old-fashioned way by calling Contest Distribution’s office directly or you can choose to email us with a request for a business offer. We tailor various special deals for our customers depending on the destination of delivery and the deadlines that have to be matched.
  2. Specify the exact battery brands and types of your preference and lock all of the details regarding the logistics and pricing in a contract. We love straightforward and clear communication with our battery wholesale distributors so for us having everything on paper is essential. We predominantly trade with the most renowned longer-life battery brand Duracell, since we believe the company name speaks for itself and its products need no advertising. Once you start importing Duracell products, you will already have customers who would have heard about the impeccable reputation of this manufacturer and would love to test the batteries first hand. 
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