Packaged Consumer Goods Business in Jordan: A Vibrant Market for Global Brands

Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Jordan is one of the most rapidly developing imported Fast-Moving Consumer Goods destinations on a global scale. The FMCG sector in Jordan is a dynamic and thriving industry that encompasses various renowned international brands. With a wide range of products, including confectioneries, chocolates, snacks, beverages, and personal care items, the packaged goods market caters to the diverse needs and preferences of local consumers and tourists.

Wholesale suppliers, importers, and distributors have found meeting the demand for imported candies and other products quite challenging over the past few years since the consumption of imported packaged goods has skyrocketed. Up-to-date market forecasts prepared by industry executives, marketing, sales, and product managers, consultants, and various analysts in Jordan predict further market share growth and new market opportunities by the year 2027.

Explore The Presence and Significance of Popular FMCG Brands in Jordan with Contest Distribution: Top 3 FMCG Product Segments That Are Growing Locally

Confectioneries and chocolates

When it comes to confectionery and chocolates, several global brands have gained popularity among consumers in Jordan. Skittles, Mars chocolates, Jelly Belly, Lindt, Ritter Sports, Ferrero, Storck, Cadbury, Nestle, and Trolli are some of the well-known names that have successfully established their presence in the Western Asia market and the Levant region in particular. These brands offer a wide variety of candies, chocolates, and gummies, captivating the taste buds of Jordanian consumers.

To ensure a steady supply of imported candies, Jordan relies on international confectionery distributors. These candy distribution companies, like us, act as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers, facilitating the distribution of products to various retail outlets across the country. Some of the notable wholesale candy distributors we work with include companies like Nuii, Algida, and Mondelez International, which play a vital role in meeting the demands of consumers and retailers alike.​

Snacks and beverages

In addition to confectioneries and chocolates, the FMCG market in Jordan also features a wide range of snacks and beverages. Brands like Lay's, Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos, Pringles, Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Wrigley's have captured the attention of local consumers with their diverse product offerings. Online wholesale suppliers in the FMCG sector play a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of snacks and beverages to the public. These suppliers, such as Jacobs, Lavazza, illy, Dallmayr, Davidoff, and Wrigley's, work closely with manufacturers to import and distribute popular treat and refreshment brands. Contest Distribution maintains strong relationships with retailers and provides efficient distribution channels, ensuring that the products reach the shelves in a timely manner.

Personal care and household products

Due to the rising awareness of hygiene in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not surprising that the demand for imported detergents and cosmetics has significantly risen in Jordan over the past few years. Brands like Ariel, Persil, Silan, Fairy, Ciff, Domestos, Bref, Pronto, Colgate-Palmolive, Pantene, Nivea, Safeguard, Dove, Pampers, Always, Old Spice, Gillette, Wrigley’s, and more have gained widespread popularity among consumers.
International FMCG vendors like Contest Distribution, which are wholesale suppliers for these brands, offer a range of products such as toiletries, cleaning agents, and baby care items. Our team puts all of its efforts into ensuring that the supply chain operates smoothly by working closely with manufacturers, retailers, and shipping companies.

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Wholesale suppliers of FMCG products play a crucial role in the FMCG business in Jordan. We bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring a steady supply of well-known imported brands. Contest Distribution is specialized in sourcing packaged goods from international wholesale companies and maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers to secure the best deals and maintain a diverse product portfolio. You can also count on us for:
-       Labelling services. If the original packaging of an imported FMCG of European and American origin does not meet the local food and beverage packaging requirements, we will take care of this by adding all the necessary labels and stickers. Some imported products may even be repackaged to be suitable for Western Asia imported packaged goods trade.
-       Timely logistics. We guarantee stress-free communication from the very first moment of your order to the delivery due date. With more than 10 years of experience in the imported candy brands distribution business, we have established a network of reliable shipping partners that can meet any delivery deadline.
-       Personalised deals for our most trusted business partners. Join our list of regular customers, and you will enjoy the financial benefits of working with a professional FMCG supplier. We will do our best to tailor our offers to your demands and budget. Get in touch with us, and we will help you get started.

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Becoming our customer allows you to conveniently access imported candies, chocolates, snacks, and other FMCG products through our online platform. This has expanded the market reach for some FMCG brands and provided our international clients with a broader range of choices. Contact us now for a quick update on the recently imported snack food and beverage best-sellers, and we will make sure to recommend to you only the brands that will elevate your retail business in Jordan, no matter how big or small! Let’s make a difference together!
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