10 Traditional Polish Christmas Desserts and 10 Imported Packaged Treats: The Best Recipe for a Festive Holiday

We're excited to share the news that one of the top global bulk candy suppliers Contest Distribution has contracted new business partners in Poland. So this holiday season local grocery stores and shops for bulk buy sweets will be offering even a broader selection of exquisite imported treats worth tasting. Today, we would like to present to you our “recipe” for sugary Christmas celebrations by paying tribute to some of the 10 best local festive sweet treats and introducing 10 of the most-recognized global chocolate and candy brands worth trying.

Exploring Polish Dessert Traditions

Traditionally, Christmas desserts in Poland are served on Christmas Eve. However, in more recent times, there has been a shift, with many individuals opting to taste small festive desserts or bulk buy confectionery treats also on the Days of Christmas. Here's a short list of the most cherished local desserts:
  1. Budyń (Polish Custard). Budyń, a beloved Polish dessert, graces holiday tables with its traditional and elegant sweetness. Crafted from eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla, and flour, budyniówka often features fruit fillings like apricot, pears, or cherries. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a topping, Budyń adds a touch of sophistication to festive desserts
  2. Chałka (Polish Sweet Yeast Bread). This local dessert, traditionally served in December, is regarded as a symbol of the sun and harvest. Chałka is a sweet yeasted bread infused with orange zest and raisins, best enjoyed warm or toasted for a delightful crispness.
  3. Krówki (Polish Fudge). A popular Christmas delight, Krówki combines sugar, butter, and chocolate, creating a delightful blend of fudge and brownie flavours. Often shaped like a small loaf or bar, these treats are a sweet sensation.
  4. Racuchy pancakes.  Racuchy, yeast pancakes with raisins, typically grace Polish breakfasts. Made from a dough of flour, eggs, and butter, they can be enjoyed plain or dipped in sugar syrup, adding a delightful touch to holiday mornings. Racuchy can also serve as the foundation for additional sweet creations, including sernik cheesecake or wigilia, often served at Christmas Eve family dinners.
  5. Pączki (Polish Doughnuts). Pączki, traditional Polish doughnuts filled with jam, bring joy to special occasions. These deep-fried delights, dusted with powdered sugar are a customary treat on New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve in Poland and can be found fresh or packaged in local bulk buy confectionery shops or grocery stores.
  6. Kogel-mogel. A sweet egg-based dessert popular during winter holidays, Kogel-mogel features a mixture of eggs, butter, sugar, raisins, and a touch of vanilla extract. Served with waffles or gingerbread cookies, it adds a comforting touch to breakfast or tea time.
  7. Faworki (Angel Wings). A holiday staple, Faworki are light, tender cookies resembling angel wings. Made from puff pastry dough, folded with butter and sugar, they add a delightful touch to festive meals.
  8. Wuzetka (Chocolate Cream Pie). Wuzetka, a fruit-based alcohol often made from plums, apples, or cherries, can be served warm or cold. Accompanied by local święconka gingerbread cookies, it adds a unique flair to the holiday dessert spread.
  9. Toruńskie Pierniki (Toruń Gingerbread). Crafted with eggs, sugar, butter, flour, lemon rind, and ground ginger, Toruń Gingerbread delights with its unique flavour. Coated in granulated and icing sugar, it's a festive treat baked to perfection.
  10. Chocolate Ready-to-eat Sweets. Poland's holiday season is incomplete without chocolate ready-to-eat sweets. Popular choices like Czekolada Zwykla, Meringue with Chocolate, and Walnuts, Chocolate with Caramel and Hazelnuts, Chocolate with Vanilla Cream fill the air with festive sweetness. These can also be complemented with imported packaged candies and chocolates offered by sweets wholesale suppliers.

Introducing Imported Confectionery FMCGs

  1. Lindt Excellence Chocolate Series: Lindt's Excellence series embodies the pinnacle of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship, offering a range of sophisticated flavours and textures.
  2. Lindor Assorted Individually Wrapped and Boxed Candies: Lindor candies by Lindt are an indulgent treat, featuring a smooth, melting centre encased in a variety of enticing coatings.
  3. Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Surprise Milk Chocolate Eggs, Kinder Schoko Bons, Kinder Bueno Bars: Kinder delights invite you to rediscover the joy of childhood with a collection that includes the creamy goodness of Kinder Chocolate, the playful surprise of milk chocolate eggs, the bite-sized pleasure of Schoko Bons, and the hazelnut elegance of Bueno bars.
  4. Mars, Snickers, Bounty, and Twix Bars: These classic bars from Mars Inc. present a medley of flavours, from the nougat and caramel fusion in Snickers to the coconut-filled delight of Bounty.
  5. Oreo Cookies and Ice Cream: Oreo, an iconic brand, offers a delightful combination of crisp chocolate cookies with a creamy centre, as well as innovative ice cream variations, which are also offered by many wholesale confectionery suppliers during the winter season.
  6. Milka Chocolate: It is celebrated for its velvety texture and distinctive flavours, creating a delightful chocolate experience. The brand often launches new special-edition flavours specially designed to bring joy during the winter holidays.
  7. Toblerone Chocolate: Toblerone's triangular prism-shaped chocolate is a symbol of Swiss confectionery excellence, featuring honey and almond nougat for a uniquely satisfying taste.
  8. Nutella Biscuits and Chocolate Spread: Ferrero's Nutella brand extends its indulgence to biscuits and a versatile chocolate spread, perfect for adding sweetness to various Polish treats and bakes.
  9. Raffaello Classic and Raffaello Raspberry: Ferrero's Raffaello offers a luxurious blend of coconut and almond, with the raspberry variant introducing a delightful fruity twist.
  10.  Assorted Merci Chocolate Bonbons: Merci chocolates are an assortment of fine European chocolates, each piece expressing gratitude with a unique flavour, making them suitable for any occasion, especially celebrating Christmas.
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Elevate Your Shop's Offerings with Contest Distribution's Bulk Confectionery Selection

If you are looking for a company offering bulk confectionery online during the festive time, Contest Distribution will be more than happy to distribute exquisite products of European and American origin to Polish shops offering imported FMCGs and wholesale confectionery. Get in touch with us, and we will do our best to present you both new and classic festive treats that will help you boost your business this holiday season!
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