The History Behind the Perfect Shape and Texture of Doritos Chips: 5 Curious Facts about Doritos

Doritos is a well-recognized snack brand that has been in the FMCG market for ages. In fact, it first appeared in 1964 in the USA and was initially produced unflavoured. Here are a few other interesting things you probably didn't know about the early company and snack history:
  1. Global Doritos distribution started at a later stage of the brand's development. The signature triangle-shaped salty treat was first produced in a plant in Tulsa, AZ, and was launched solely nationally in the US in 1966.
  2. The original concept for Doritos tortillas was adopted from the traditional Mexican snack known as topo. Inspired by its classic taste, in a restaurant at Disneyland in California, they chopped, fried, and added basic flavor to topo in order to create a dish that resembled Mexican chilaquiles but was much drier.
  3. In 1994 alone, the company invested $50 million to revamp Doritos, making the chips 20% bigger, 15% more lightweight, and their edges more rounded. The major reason for this shift was to make the chips more competitive with the large and strongly seasoned restaurant-style tortilla chips.
  4. Nowadays, US-origin corn nachos and tortilla chips come in a wide variety of packages and flavors, designed to satisfy all types of salty snack cravings. There are more than a hundred distinct Doritos tastes. From the primary Cool Ranch and Spicy Nacho to the crazy Jacked Ranch-Dipped Hot Chicken Wings, Clam Chowder Doritos, and even Chocolate Chipotle Bacon Doritos.
Doritos has also acquired fame for its bold marketing initiatives, including numerous advertisements that ran during the Super Bowl. In 2015, Doritos even released a limited-edition product called Rainbow Doritos, which could only be purchased by individuals who donated a minimum of $10 to a non-profit organization helping LGBT adolescents called It Gets Better Project. Despite the controversial public backlash, nearly $100,000 was raised to support it.

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