Ruffles Snack History: How One of the Hippest Potato Chip Brands Emerged

Have Ruffles always been in the top 5 world-famous potato chips suppliers? Well, the road to success was a long one, but the result was worth it! And this short summary of Ruffles distribution history proves it!

Ruffles is an American brand of crinkled (ruff-cut) potato chips. It is referred to as Lays Maxx or Lay’s Max in several locations across the world and is also known as Walkers Max, Walkers Max Double Crunch, or Walkers Max Strong in the UK and Ireland markets. In fact, the trademark was legally registered in 1948 by Bernhardt Stahmer, who was the owner of the Frito Company, which produced and started distributing wholesale chips worldwide. His company later merged with H.W. Lay & Co. and became even more popular. Right after that, the brand name Ruffles Lays emerged, when the potato snack was first introduced in India in the late 1990s. Ruffles are distinct from Wavy Lays. They typically make a better dipping chip and are thicker. 

Want to Learn More about the Famous Ruffles Flavours? 

If you are willing to buy Ruffles online, Contest Distribution can deliver the following flavours in various packages right to your warehouse door:
  • The classic: Ruffles Salt (regular 155g pack, 260g mega pack, or a chips belt: 5 pcs pieces, 23g or 70g each).
  • The ultimate outdoor party snack: Ruffles BBQ (regular 155g pack, 260g mega pack, and a chips belt: 5 pcs pieces, 23 g or 70g each).
  • The favourite of Ruffles chips bulk buy distributors: Ruffles Heinz Ketchup (regular 155g pack, 260g mega pack, and a chips belt: 5 pcs pieces, 23 or 70g each).
  • The most cheesy flavour, for those who like their chips smokey and a little spicy: Ruffles Cheese (regular 155g and 260g mega packs)
  • The most addictive crunchy party snack: Ruffles Paprika (regular 155g and 260g mega packs). 
Ruffles flavours are more than just a sauce, they are an igniting collection of mild or strong spices that contribute to the unparalleled taste of traditional potato chips. From flaming hot to plain salt chips, the brand offers a ruffled snack for every taste. 

Ruffles: For Those Who Have a Good Taste and Love the Classic Sturdy Ridged Potato Chips

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