How Duracell Optimum Became Globally-Recognized

The meaning behind the term Duracell, which was introduced to the mass consumer in 1964, is “durable cell”. Duracell, currently owned by the international FMCGs corporation Procter & Gamble, is without any doubt the most recognizable battery brand name worldwide. Although the subsidiary battery, specialty cells, and smartpower systems company was founded almost a century ago in the USA, nowadays it is also headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Of course, the spectrum of work of P&G is far beyond North America and Europe. The well-known bulk AA batteries Duracell are shipped worldwide and sold in thousands of warehouses, department stores, and small local shops. 

Product Specifications of Duracell Bulk Batteries

If you ask your Duracell battery dealer which products are currently most qualitative and sought after on the market, it is very likely for you to receive more than one response. From Duracell alkaline AA batteries with patented power boost Ingredients, to engineered coppertop batteries suitable for everyday devices, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries, or even CR 2032 Lithium Coin batteries with bitter coating for boosting child security, the list of accredited merchandise is quite long. Here is a brief version of it to help you better understand Duracell’s mainstream product line.
  • The company’s highlight: Duracell Optimum AA alkaline batteries. Their performance is outstanding due to their patented 4x powerboost formula vs coppertop.
  • Coppertop AA or AAA batteries which are appropriate for everyday devices with an extended 12-year guarantee in storage.
  • Rechargeables suitable for most devices. 
  • Lithium coins, used predominantly for watches, remotes, scales, and glucometers. They have been designed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics. The cell is covered with bitter coating to reduce the risk of these batteries to be swallowed by infants.
  • Specialty button batteries and hearing aid batteries.

Ask Contest Distribution for Some Smart Strategies to Boost Your Battery Sales

Regardless of whether you are running a toy store, a local supermarket or a small shop for electronics, you should keep in mind that the more globally-recognized a battery brand is, the higher sales you will register. A trademark name as Duracell sets the expectation within your customers to receive a top-quality product and can differentiate you from other local businesses offering AA batteries of competitor labels in bulk. 

To get your personalized deal on Duracell, you can reach our international logistics team via email. We will make sure to get back to you with a detailed business plan to boost your trading. Contest Distribution is an intercontinental Duracell dealer with more than 10 years of experience in shipping bulk Duracell AA batteries to North America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia including the Middle East. Give us a chance to add you to our list of satisfied business partners that we work with!
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