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7 Days’ Sweet Journey Through Time

In a world filled with snack options, 7 Days stands out as a brand that combines tradition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering sweet satisfaction. We invite you to explore 7 Days, 7 Days Mini, Fineti, Bake Rolls, and Chipicao wholesale products, experience their flavours, and join the millions of satisfied customers who choose Contest Distribution as their go-to supplier and distributor for sweet 7 Days indulgences.

A Strategic Partnership: Mondelēz and Chipita. 

In January 2022, Mondelēz International, Inc., a global leader in snacking, successfully finalised the acquisition of Chipita Global S.A., a rapidly expanding force in the Central and Eastern European market for croissants and baked snacks. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Mondelēz International's strategic plan, aimed at accelerating growth in core snacking segments while expanding its presence in key markets. Nowadays, Mondelēz is a globally recognized brand that is in a successful business partnership with 7 Days Croissants suppliers, as well as Finetti and Chipicao wholesale distributors like Contest Distribution, and successfully conquers international FMCG distribution channels.

Chipita's Legacy and Global Expansion

Before 7 Days started being manufactured by Mondelēz, Bake Rolls, Finetti, Chipicao, and 7 Days croissants distribution deals were negotiated with Chipita S.A., a Greek company, established nearly 4 decades ago that catered to over two billion consumers across 50+ countries with its range of croissants and other baked snack brands. The acquisition of this company strengthened Mondelēz International's position in the global packaged baked snack market, allowing the company to offer a diverse portfolio of baked snacks in Europe, particularly bolstering its presence in the rapidly growing Central and Eastern European markets. Blending renowned Mondelēz International brands like Cadbury and Milka with beloved Chipita croissants and baked snacks such as 7 Days opened the door for new and exciting business opportunities on a global scale. 

A World of Recognized Brands

Other globally recognized and local brands of Mondelēz International, Inc. are: OREO, belVita, LU biscuits, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka, Toblerone, Sour Patch Kids, and Trident gum, delivered by the Chipicao supplier Contest Distribution to more than 150 countries worldwide. Chipita operates 13 production plants across 50+ countries and employs more than 5,100 people.

Today, 7 Days stands as a symbol of premium sweet products that are loved by people of all ages. Their products have become a staple in households, convenience stores, and supermarkets around the world. With a commitment to taste, quality, and innovation, they continue to evolve and elevate the sweet snacking experience.

Elevate Your Retail Store with 7 Days Sweet Treats. Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Us as Your Official Distributor:

7 Days Croissants

Elevate your store's offerings with the irresistible appeal of 7 Days Croissants. These flaky delights, perfect for breakfast or snacking, embody European pastry excellence. These croissants offer a taste of European pastry perfection. They are a versatile addition to your inventory, perfect for breakfast or as a satisfying snack.

Chipicao Delights

Expand your product range effortlessly with Chipicao's diverse selection, meeting the varied preferences of your customers. Bake Rolls: Add Bake Rolls to your offerings for a satisfying and crunchy savoury snack. They pair exceptionally well with dips or are delicious on their own.

To-go Pastries by 7 Days Mini Supplier Contest Distribution

Stock up on our delightful collection of bite-sized pastries, available in various flavours. These mini pastries are convenient for on-the-go snacking and can attract a wider customer base. 

7 Days Cake Bar Wholesale

Enhance your store's selection with our moist and flavorful 7 Days Cake Bars. Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavours, they make for an ideal indulgence suitable for any occasion.

Fineti Spreads

Elevate your inventory with our premium Fineti wholesale spreads. Whether your customers prefer hazelnut or cocoa, Fineti brings a touch of luxury to their everyday moments.

By choosing Contest Distribution as your supplier, you can expand your product range with these enticing options, cater to a diverse customer base, and enhance your store's offerings.

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