Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport: A Delicious Legacy of Chocolate Excellence

A Rich History of Chocolate Craftsmanship: From Humble Beginnings to International Fame
Welcome to the world of Ritter Sport chocolate! The company’s journey began more than a century ago, in 1912 when Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter founded their first chocolate and sugar confectionery factory in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Initially, "Ritter" chocolates were crafted and sold directly on-site. In 1930, as the company’s popularity soared, new headquarters were established in Waldenbuch. It was there that, in 1932, Clara Ritter sparked a chocolate revolution with her brilliant idea: the square chocolate shape. She envisioned a chocolate that could easily fit into every sports jacket pocket without breaking while maintaining the same weight as a traditional long bar. As a result of that revolutionary proposal, "Ritter's Sport Schokolade" was born, becoming an iconic symbol of the brand.
Fast forward to the present, and Ritter Sport has blossomed into an international sensation. With over 1,900 dedicated employees and an established network of Ritter Sport wholesale distributors who supply these delectable treats to over 100 countries worldwide. In 2022 alone, the company’s sales soared to an astounding 538 million Euros, solidifying its position as an FMCG market leader.

Commitment to Climate Neutrality: From Carbon Neutral to a Greener Future 

In 2020, Ritter Sports achieved its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company, certified by TÜV Nord. Since their commitment to a greener future doesn't end there, by 2025, they aim to achieve complete climate neutrality, extending their efforts to encompass all aspects of their supply chain. Ritter Sport is the first substantial German chocolate bar manufacturer to switch its entire cocoa range to sustainable cocoa from certified suppliers. Environmental sustainability and care for our planet lie at the core of their values.

An Assortment of Temptations: Exploring the World of Ritter Sport Chocolates

The chocolate selection of packaged confectionery by the Ritter Sport Supplier Contest Distribution worldwide is diverse and delectable, catering to every taste and preference.

Individually wrapped pralines for every palate:  

For those seeking a variety of flavors, Ritter Sport Chocolate Cubes (176g) are the perfect treat. With 22 individually wrapped chocolate cubes, each containing a delicate and crunchy center, you'll savor the blend of fine milk and dark chocolates. Indulge in flavors such as Chocolate Crisp, Caramel, Jogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Mousse au Chocolat, Fine Praline, and Whole Nut Nougat Cream.
Additionally, the globally recognized confectionery specialist offers a range of 250-gram packages featuring a selection of mouthwatering choices. From the classic Ritter Sport Cornflakes and Ritter Sport Milk Chopped Hazelnut to the enticing Ritter Sport Cranberry & Hazelnuts and Ritter Sport White + Crisp, each bite delivers pure chocolate bliss.

A more compact option provides the same irresistible flavors

The 100-gram package. Explore the rich and creamy Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate Lactose-Free, the delightful combination of Ritter Sport dark chocolate: Cocoa 61% Nicaragua, Cocoa 55% Ghana, or intense Cocoa 74% Peru. Enjoy the following classic or bold tastes: Ritter Sport Milk Chopped Hazelnut, Ritter Sport Whole Almonds, Cashew,or Hazelnuts; Ritter Sport White or Dark Whole Hazelnuts; Ritter Sport Almond Orange; Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse; Ritter Sport Caramel Mousse; Ritter Sport Buenos Dias Weisse Mango Maracuja; Ritter Sport Marhaba Joghurt Hong Nuss; Ritter Sport Hula Hula Kokoswaffel; Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt; Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit; Ritter Sport Oat Biscuit & Yogurt; Ritter Sport Rum and Raisin; Ritter Sport Raisins & Hazelnuts; Ritter Sport Coconut; Ritter Sport Papermint; Ritter Sport Marzipan; Ritter Sport Cornflakes; Ritter Sport White + Crisp; Ritter Sport Splits of Coffee; Ritter Sport Waffle; Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate 50% Cocoa, Fine Milk Chocolate 35% Cocoa, or Alpine Milk Chocolate 30% Cocoa; Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds; etc. These are just a few examples of the extensive range of flavours awaiting you.

Bulk buying options for a thriving business

Contest Distribution understands the needs of companies, resellers, suppliers, and distributors who seek quality chocolate products in larger quantities. That's why we offer the convenience of providing the following services: Ritter Sport bulk buy online. You can choose between well-known products like Ritter Sport 7 bars x 116 g and Ritter Sport 9 bars mix x 150g packages, perfect for stocking up or sharing the joy of Ritter Sport with others. A more recommended treat for adventurous souls is Ritter Sport Mini Fernweh, 9 bars of exotic mix x 150g. It takes you on a delectable journey through unique flavours.

Embark on a Chocolate Adventure with Contest Distribution Today: Browse, Select, and Order with Ease

If you're in search of wholesale purchases, look no further. Ritter Sport is your ultimate choice. Contest Distribution provides attractive Ritter Sport bulk buy options to meet the demands of your customers. As one of the leading Ritter Sport wholesale suppliers, we offer a seamless online experience, allowing you to browse and select from our extensive range of products effortlessly. Today, you can both support sustainability and savour the unparalleled delight that only Ritter Sport can provide. Join us on this delectable journey: visit our website to discover our full range of products and embark on your Ritter Sport wholesale adventure.
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