Ariel: An Inspiring Brand That Just Gets It

If you give 5 different housewives from various countries around the world 5 seconds to think about a reliable international brand of house-cleaning detergents, washing liquids and powders, as well as laundry and cleaning supplies, Ariel is the most likely company name to pop up first. But why do Ariel detergent Pods and Ariel washing tablets enjoy such popularity? The answer is pretty simple: because their formula works better than others! The brand was launched more than 5 decades ago by the multinational corporation Procter & Gamble, and its popularity has grown rapidly ever since, eventually transforming into the billion-dollar brand that we know nowadays. Of course, the company’s fame did not come overnight. It took years of additional research and improvements to upgrade the formulas of Ariel capsules, washing powders, and liquids in order to reach the top of the winners podium and become recognized on all continents.

Ariel Takes Fabric Care Seriously, and Their Loyal Customers Know That

Regardless of the detergent type you choose, as long as it is Ariel, the washing results will be satisfactory. Dry cleaning, machine washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing can be quite harmful for the fabric your clothes are made of. Merino jersey, silk, linen, viscose, wool, velvet, acetate, lyocell, polyester, and jacquards all require different specific cleaning treatments, and Ariel has the proper solution for all of them. From Ariel washing machine liquid to the classic Ariel washing powder or Ariel-in-One 1 Pods, there is a suitable detergent for every case. Here are the main Ariel products that you may find distributed internationally by the FMCG dealer Contest Distribution:
  • Ariel washing powder: Automatic Mountain Spring (400g, 2kg-20W, 4 kg); Automatic Color (4 kg, 2kg-20W); Automatic Touch of Lenor Fresh (2kg-20W); Automatic Touch of Lenor Color (10kg); Automatic White&Color (10kg); Hand Wash Mountain Spring (450g); Hand Wash Touch of Lenor (450g).
  • Ariel liquid laundry detergent. Ariel Liquid Detergent Color (1.1l-20W, 2.2l-40W); Ariel Professional Liquid Color (3.85l); Ariel Auto Liquid Color (0.935l, 3.3l, 4.4l, 4.95l); Ariel Auto Liquid Touch of Lenor Color (0.935l, 3.3l, 4.4l); Ariel Auto Liquid Mountain Spring (0.935l, 3.3l, 3.85l, 4.4l); Ariel Liquid Detergent Mountain Spring (1.1l-20W, 2.2l-40W); Ariel Auto Liquid Baby (2.2l); Ariel Auto Liquid Oxi Effect (1.98l); Ariel Liquid Fiber Care (0.825l-15 W, 1.65l-30W); Ariel Liquid Black (0.825l-15 W, 1.65l 30W).
  • Ariel washing Pods. Ariel’s laundry detergent water-soluble capsules work best in standard top-load washers as well as top-loading and front-loading washers that are high-efficiency. The best-selling pouches are: Ariel Detergent Pods Mountain Spring All-in-1 (13 pcs; 52pcs, 67pcs); Ariel All-in-1 Pods with Lenor Unstoppables (13pcs); Ariel detergent Pods Color (13pcs, 26pcs); Ariel Pods Set Alpine (45pcs); Ariel Pods Set Touch of Lenor Color (13 pcs, 39 pcs, 45pcs); Ariel Detergent Pods Plus Active (13pcs), Ariel Pods Plus Fiber Care (12 cts); Ariel Pods Plus Black (12 cts); Ariel Sensitive Pods (28 pcs, 40pcs); Ariel Pods Color&Style (39pcs); Ariel Caps Plus Oxi Pods (10 or 13 capsules). All packs of liquitabs contain highly concentrated laundry detergent.
  • Ariel for automatic or manual washing. Ariel Automat Regular (14 kg); Ariel Automat Touch of Lenor Color Fresh (400g, 6kg, 8 kg, 14 kg); Ariel Automat Color (6kg, 8kg, 14kg); Ariel Automat White & Color (13kg); Ariel Automat Mountain Spring (6kg); Ariel Automat Oxi Effect (1.8kg, 3.6kg); Ariel Manual Mountain Spring (450g, 900g); Ariel Manual Touch of Lenor (450g).

Ariel for Efficient and Sustainable Washing

Ariel is a company that takes the environmentally-friendly approach towards doing laundry very seriously. Saving energy is the first action they recommend. Ariel’s policy states that lifting stains and brightening clothes can be done brilliantly even with a cold wash (30°C or below) if the right detergents are used. Ariel All-in-One Pods, for instance, have been particularly designed to shift stains and entirely remove buildup dirt and germs even at lower washing temperatures.
The packages of Ariel products have also been designed in compliance with the principles of circular economy. The company’s goal is to create its packaging and products from 100% recycled or renewable materials. Minimal landfill waste and maximum repurposing are their long-term objectives towards a more sustainable way of living.

Why Ariel?

Machine washing and proper fabric care can be synonymous when the laundry detergent used is of premium quality! If you want to make sure that you can get top-of-the-line Ariel pods, liquids,gels, and washing powder, contact Contest Distribution to receive the personalised deal that matches your business plan!
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