The Company Name Behind the Brand Label Fairy: The Global Evolution of Fairy Laundry and Dish-Washing Detergents

Fairy, although once originated as a British company for washing up soap, and washing machine powder, is now part of the multinational FMCG manufacturer and distributor Procter & Gamble. Despite being headquartered in America P&G corporation has earned an impeccable global reputation and constantly welcomes new business partners based all over the globe.

Both non-biological Fairy washing detergent as well as Fairy washing up liquid for sensitive skin are packaged differently according to the market they are aimed at. In the UK and Ireland the dishwashing soap is still sold in both its original white bottle with a red cap or in a green bottle, while for the rest of the European consumers it is bottled and distributed in a wide variety of other colors and designs according to their scent. 
In some Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway premium Fairy merchandise is sold under the name YES. In Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary these detergents are branded as the JAR.  In the North American market as well as in Germany up to 2002 the original Fairy detergent is branded as Dawn.
If you want to find out more about the company’s product line, packaging, and current Fairy liquid offers for your region, as well as to get a free business plan for its distribution, you can contact our global distribution team.  

Do You Need a Little Help from a Cleaning Fairy in the Kitchen of Your Home or Restaurant?

Here’s a short list of Fairy brand detergents which can quickly become your most valued assistant:
-       Fairy washing powder, Fairy washing liquids, and Fairy washing pods. All of them are non-biological detergents which can be placed directly into the drum of the washing machine and covered with laundry on top.
-       Fairy washing gel. Known best as an ultimate grease and dirt removal specialist, suitable for all types of dishes: ceramic, glass, bone china, stone, wood, metal, reusable plastic, etc.
-       Fairy dish soap. It quickly gained popularity worldwide since it has been advertised as a neutral mild soap that will leave the skin of your hands as soft and gentle as the skin of a baby and your dishes sparkling clean.
-       Fairy non-bio washing powder suitable for all types of fabric. Advertised as a “magical” stain washing product that requires no pre-treatment of the textile being washed.

These are just a few of the powerful Fairy cleaning agents. To get the full array of merchandise we currently ship globally, contact our logistics office.

How to Order Fairy’s “Supernatural Detergents” for Your Business

Fairy dishwashing liquid as well as Fairy laundry liquid are currently well-accepted and bring high profits to many consumer-goods distributors in Europe (predominantly in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Poland), as well as Australia (and New Zealand after its release there in 2011). However, sssssssssssssss has accepted the challenge to ship Procter & Gamble products even to the most distant parts of the world. We are excited to share with you the business opportunities which such well-known brands hold for you. All you need to do in order to get ahold of us and discuss potential profits from selling all Fairy dishwashing and laundering products is to send an e-mail to our logistics department or give us a call if that’s your preferred way of business communication. Our multi-skilled international team will be glad to assist you.
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