World-known brands that are a pleasure to sell

We know our brands are more than famous and are easy to sell. It is quite impossible not to notice a Milka chocolate bar, or a Nutella jar even if it is in a non-food store. Brands like Mars, Storck, Ferrero, Mondelez, Corny,  Lindt, Nestle, 7 days, Ritter Sport, Wrigley, Zaini, Doritos, Lay's, Ruffles, Pringles, Star Snacks, Trolli, Mentos, PEZ, Wrigley, Illy, Lavazza, and Hell Energy almost sell by themselves. And that is the strength of our products. However, sometimes a little extra effort may spike the results, even if it is just a small sticker.

Are you looking for labeling of sweets or imported coffee labeling?

We help FMCG manufacturers go beyond the food market limitations as we sell their branded goods to our B2B partners in atypical places. To enrich our service list and to add some extra value to our irresistible products, we have developed our additional labeling service. 

Thanks to the labeling option we help producers present their imported goods in the most suitable way in regards to the destination or purpose. An extra sticker may drastically increase the turnover of a product and that is why we offer label design service to our respected customers. 

Imported food labeling, just the way you want it

Contest Distribution offers a comprehensive labeling service that includes:

  • We can make the labels in any language, required by the customer.  
  • We can make labels in any size, shape, and color.
  • We offer different types of stickers, including promotional ones, translation of labels, or ingredients text.

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