Everything You Need to Know about Gillette - The Most Recognizable Razor Company of All Times

When talking about high-quality razor blades, shavers, and trimmers, no other names are more renowned than Gillette and Venus. When they are not willing to compromise on the quality of the shaving products that they are using, our customers always turn to the exceptional brand Gillette, currently owned by the largest and respectively most well-known international consumer products corporation Procter & Gamble.
The history of the company started back in the 19th century, when disposable blades were not even patented. But the safety razors of Gillette, which used disposable blades, were welcomed with great success on the male consumer goods market.  At present, the company evolved so much that they were able to conquer the entire globe with top-of-the-line products like Mach 3 turbo blades, Gillette Blue 2, Gillette Fusion, and many more, including the line for women Venus razor.

The initial production of disposable safety razors from sheet steel under the brand name Gillett began in America in 1904. Although the facility was opened a year earlier, the first 12 months of production and sales did not achieve promising results. Despite that slow kick off, the production process of the company has reached great heights and has reached its peak in the early 2000’s. The initial line of shaving blade products was premium-priced but once they adopted a more affordable policy, they were stocked in almost every US store. After the end of the First World War, the brand became strong enough to start overseas export. After the introduction of the super blue blade coating in 1960, which was a great scientific improvement, a new revolutionary product line of the company has been launched. This manufacturing technology still enjoys great global success nowadays.

An In-Depth Guide to Basic Must-Have Gillette Products

From a simple double edge safety razor to the impeccable Mach 3 razor blades, we have it all. Here is a short list of some of the top Gillette products that you can order from Contest Distribution:
-       Disposable  plastic razor blades
-       Reusable razor options
-       Double-edged safety razors
-       Gillette Blue 2 and Gillette Blue 2 Plus
-       Gillette Blue 3
-       Mach 3 blades and Mach 3 razor offering a reduced post-shaving skin irritation effect
-       5-bladed Gillette Fusion for the most effortless shaving
-       Gillette Sensor with spring-loaded blades
-       The gentle Venus razor line which includes some of the best razors for women on the current global market

Top 3 Gillette Products Which Were Manufactured and Distributed Internationally Over the Past Decade:

1.    The sustainable Planet KIND Skincare line (launched in 2021). The five razor blades of the shaver from this line consist of 60% recycled plastic and can be used for up to 30 days on a daily basis.
2.    The Beard Care Line “King C. Gillette” (launched in 2020). Named after the company’s founder King Camp Gillette. The shaver included in the kit is with a double edge razor.
3.    SkinGuard razor (launched in 2018). Features Gillette proglide blades which work better for people with eczema, atopic skin and other dermal issues.

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