Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders: Empower Your Hair with Unrivalled Care

History of Head & Shoulders: Pioneers in Dandruff-Free Hair Care Innovation

Head & Shoulders is a brand that has revolutionised the hair care industry with its unparalleled commitment to scalp health and dandruff control. With a legacy of innovation and expertise spanning decades, Head & Shoulders has become a global leader in providing effective solutions for healthy, flake-free hair. Let us take you on a journey through the remarkable hare care solutions of this company and help you understand the benefits of choosing Contest Distribution as your Head and Shoulders distributor.

Unleash the Power of Healthy Hair: Our Extensive Range of Products

Head & Shoulders Shampoos: Experience the Ultimate Scalp Care

Discover a range of powerful shampoos meticulously formulated to address various hair and scalp needs. From Total Care to Menthol and Citrus Fresh, you can buy Head and Shoulders in multiple sizes (200ml, 360ml, and 675ml) to suit your preferences and ensure long-lasting effectiveness. Embrace the refreshing scents and invigorating formulas that will leave your hair feeling nourished, revitalised, and dandruff-free.

Head & Shoulders 2in1 Shampoos: Effortless Hair Care Simplified

Efficiency meets excellence with H&S in 2 in 1 shampoos. Combining the benefits of shampoo and conditioner, these dynamic products provide a seamless hair care routine. Choose from Classic Clean or Menthol variants, available in convenient 360ml sizes, to enjoy the perfect balance of scalp care and moisturised, manageable hair.

Buy Head Shoulders Shampoo for Men to Unleash Your Confidence

Tailored to meet the unique needs of men's hair and scalp, Head & Shoulders Men's collection offers deep cleansing, total care, and refreshing options. With carefully crafted formulations, specifically designed for men, you can conquer the day with hair that feels clean, fresh, and full of vitality.

Head & Shoulders Sheer Volume: Amplify Your Hair's Potential

For those who desire voluminous and bouncy locks, the Sheer Volume shampoo of Head & Shoulders is the answer. Experience lightweight, full-bodied hair that exudes confidence and allure. Elevate your style and embrace hair that stands out from the crowd. 

Indulge in the Sensation of Revitalising Shower Gels

Immerse yourself in the world of Head & Shoulders beyond shampoo. The company's range of invigorating shower gels is designed to cleanse and refresh the whole body body, while leaving the skin nourished and revived. With Sport, Sensitive, and Deep Cleansing variants available worldwide in 360ml, enjoy the complete Head & Shoulders experience from head to toe by placing your Head and Shoulders order online.

Contest Distribution: Your Gateway to Wholesale Access

Unlock the potential of your business with Contest Distribution, a trusted distributor of Head & Shoulders products on a wholesale level. Benefit from our reliable and efficient distribution services, ensuring prompt delivery of your bulk orders. Contact Contest Distribution today to place your Head and Shoulders in bulk order: we will help you embark on a transformative hair care journey or boost your FMCG wholesale business with Head & Shoulders. We offer additional logistics plan and labeling services to match the local requirements of your country. Get in touch with us to learn all the details. 
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