Choose Lenor: Because You Deserve to Sell the Best Detergents and Softeners of US Origin

Lenor is a brand manufactured by the FMCG titan Procter & Gamble, a US multinational corporation that has been on the global packaged goods market for almost 2 centuries. Their laundry care products, Downy (known in Europe, Japan, and Russia) as Lenor, were introduced to the FMCG market in 1960. Downy\Lenor detergents pods and softeners have been regarded as some of the most environmentally-friendly softeners to be sold worldwide, as the company promotes and implements various policies for sustainable living.

5 Things Retailers Should Expect When Working With Contest Distribution as a Lenor Wholesale Partner

  1. Timely service. Delivery deadlines can be quite restrictive at times, but a true FMCG supply professional like Contest Distribution knows no limits when a short deadline needs to be matched. 
  2. A reliable and adaptable English-speaking logistics team that handles our international delivery network. Dealing with global transportation issues may seem a bit intense, but our distribution team works in a perfect symbiosis with our partners shipping FMCG cargo by air, land, and water. We are currently distributing Lenor fabric softener and All-in-One Pods Lenor to more than 90 countries and the list keeps expanding.
  3. Labelling and packing service to match any local requirements. Extra stickers regarding food ingredients, or chemical composition of house cleaning detergents, and washing liquids such as Ariel Pods or Lenor washing capsules, for instance, may often be a top requirement for imported goods of European and American origin. We would like to take care of it for you in order to ease the import process and save you the effort of searching for a contractor who can additionally do this for you.
  4. Personal approach and special deals for our most valued customers. Our loyal partners know well that we spare no effort to tailor special offers that can match any business plan or budget. The key to our success that has kept our company at peak positions in Lenor washing liquid distribution for over a decade is that we do our best to create personal contact and clear communication in order to build mutual trust with each one of our partners in warehouses around the globe.
  5. Guaranteed origin of the fast-moving consumer goods. All of the packaged goods, candies, toiletries, and cosmetics delivered by Contest Distribution are consumables with an established reputation. We deal only with production manufactured by successful, globally-recognized brands with a proven origin.

Which Lenor Products Do We Distribute?

We do our best to maintain a full range of Lenor clothes softener, Lenor capsule, and Lenor concentrate products. Here are the major items and packaged goods that Contest Distribution ships to more than 90 countries worldwide:
  • Lenor softener: Summer Breeze; Gold Orchid; Sensitive Pure Care; Spring Awakening; Fresh Meadow; Lavender & Camomile; Emerald & Ivory Flower; Amethyst & Floral Bouquet; Floral Romance. All of these come in bottles of 0.8 litres (26 w); 1 litre (33 w); 1.5 litres (50 w); and 1,71 litres (57 w).
  • Washing powder: Lenor Auto Spring Awakening and Lenor Auto Gold Orchid Color. They come in packages of 2kg and 4 kg.
  • Lenor pods: Lenor Color All-in-1 Pods Gold Orchid, Lenor Caps Spring Awakening 3-in-1, and Lenor Caps Amethyst. All of these come in a package of 36 pods.
  • Lenor liquid detergent and Lenor fabric conditioner. Lenor Liquid Amethyst, Lenor Auto Liquid Gold Orchid, Lenor Auto Liquid Spring Awakening, Lenor Summer Lenor Pro Spring, Lenor Lavender, Lenor Sunny Florets, Lenor 25th Anniversary , Lenor Dewy Blossom, Lenor HC Lingenue, Lenor HC La Magnifique, Lenor HC La Desirable, Lenor Peony & Hibiscus Meadow, Lenor Lime Blossom & Sea Salt, Lenor Sensitive. Some of them come in a promotional package of (2 x 1,500 ml).
  • Laundry fragrance booster pearls: Lenor Perle Parfumate Un Spring; Lenor Perle Parfumate Un Ariel; Lenor Perle Parfumate Un Lavish, Lenor Perle Parfumate Un Fresh, Lenor Perle Parfumate Un Sport. All of the scent booster beads come in packages of 140g and 210g.
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