Anuga Food Fair Germany

Anuga Food Fair Germany

5 Reasons to Become an Exhibitor at the Anuga Food Fair in Germany

The Anuga culinary exhibition, presented every two years, unfolds in Koeln (Cologne), Germany, showcasing a diverse spectrum of gastronomic delights. In 2023, this massive event will be hosted at the Koelnmesse. This Anuga location is right next to the heart of the city. The event is a mosaic of ten distinct fairs, each dedicated to a unique culinary domain. Renowned as one of the globe's foremost gatherings for the food and beverage industry, Anuga stands as a testament to innovation and gastronomic excellence. This year, the fair will take place from October 7 to October 11. The trade show’s opening hours are: Saturday to Wednesday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. The items to be exhibited at the fair include any type of F&B, from FMCG products, fresh and organic food, bakery, packaged frozen food, and hot beverages, dairy and meat. Over the past few years the trade event has attracted more and more exhibitors producing or distributing globally fast-moving consumer goods from European and American origin and this tendency is expected to grow even more.

In brief, here’s what you need to know in order to plan your visit, regardless of whether you are willing to participate as a visitor or an exhibitor:
Where is Anuga 2023? This year, the fair will be hosted at the Koelnmesse, one of the top trade fair scenes in Cologne and Germany as a whole. This massive exhibition centre hosts more than 80 trade fairs and about 2,000 conferences on an annual basis. So it is not surprising that one of the biggest food fairs in Europe has found its home there. Besides the venue location, the Anuga dates for 2023 have also been confirmed and are final. Oct 7-11. 

What is Anuga 2023?

Anuga began in 1924 and has become a colossal global event for food and drinks, especially over the past decade. It's one of the world's biggest trade shows and covers everything related to packaged foods and drinks, along with food industry technology and equipment.

What does Anuga stand for?

The Anuga meaning behind this well-known fair name is derived from German. Anuga is an abbreviation for "Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel-Ausstellung" that translates in English as "General Food and Drink Trade Fair".

What is the biggest food fair in Europe?

In fact, different criteria define the term biggest. Last year, WorldFood Istanbul hosted 835 exhibitors from 35 different countries, earning the title "the largest food sector fair in Eurasia". SIAL Paris is the biggest event in terms of innovation and is setting major food industry trends. But for most professionals in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, Anuga is the most important food exhibition on a global scale, since the event has quite a broad scope and offers unique business networking opportunities.

What is the biggest food fair in Germany?

Locally, although Cologne hosts IAW, the global trade fair for promotions and international food imports, and Munich hosts the Bakery trade show aimed primarily at bakers as well as confectionery producers and distributors, Anuga still stands on top of the most useful and well-organised food fairs in Germany. The Anuga 2023 exhibitor list expands to about 7,000 exhibitors from almost 110 countries who aim to showcase their products and services. 

Anuga 2023: The Epicentre of Global Gastronomy and Iconic F&B Brands

The Anuga food expo in Germany is a prominent event that gathers food and beverage industry enthusiasts from around the world. Hosted at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, the Anuga address, this event showcases a wide array of global brands and their products. Brands like Fererro with its delectable chocolates, Lindt with premium Swiss chocolates, Mars offering various confectioneries, Lavazza presents exceptional coffee blends and Mondelez with an assortment of snacks and confectionery.
Here are 5 compelling reasons to participate in Anuga 2023 and experience the latest from these renowned FMCG brands

Product Showcase

Witness firsthand the diverse and innovative range of products from renowned FMCG brands. Anuga is a hub for product launches and previews. If you are curious about the latest trends in the industry and want to be one step ahead of your competition, this fair will definitely give you an overview of the expected industry developments and help you achieve this goal.

Networking Opportunities

Anuga 2023 provides a platform for networking with industry experts, potential partners, and fellow enthusiasts. Connect with professionals from these leading FMCG brands to explore collaboration possibilities.

Market Insights

Gain valuable market insights and trends in the food and beverage industry. Understand consumer preferences and emerging market demands through interactions and discussions at Anuga.

Business Expansion

For those looking to expand their business horizons, Anuga offers a golden opportunity to explore new markets, strike deals, and establish valuable contacts with distributors and retailers.

Industry Knowledge

Attend seminars, workshops, and panel discussions to enrich your industry knowledge. Learn from the expertise of brands like Fererro, Lindt, Mars, Wrigley, Lavazza, and Mondelez, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements.

Experiencing Anuga

Unleashing Opportunities for F&B Distribution Veterans and Pioneers

To be a part of this enriching experience, ensure to register for Anuga 2023 at the earliest. Don't miss the chance to be at the forefront of the food and beverage industry! Anuga 2023 registration has already started and the expo preparations are already underway. Register now, if you want to stay at the forefront of industry innovation and make your mark in the global food and beverage arena.
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