SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris

5 Tips to Help You Present Your FMCG Production or Distribution Company and Conquer New Food Markets at the SIAL Paris International Exhibition

SIAL Paris is an internationally renowned food exhibition that attracts both industry giants and emerging players from the FMCG sector. It serves as a global stage where prominent brands like Ferrero, Lindt, Mars, and Lavazza showcase their innovative products and cutting-edge trends. As attendees navigate the expansive halls of SIAL, they can experience the rich diversity and quality of offerings and discover new flavours and concepts that continue to shape the ever-evolving world of fast-moving consumer goods. SIAL Paris stands as a testament to the industry's dynamism and its ability to bring together global leaders in the food and beverage sector.

Want to Join the Biggest Global Food Innovation Community in October 2024? Here Are 5 Steps to Guide You towards Becoming an Exhibitor at SIAL Paris
Do a quick research and find out whether this food exhibition Paris event fits your business schedule. Here are the answers to some basic questions to help you get started.

Where is SIAL located in Paris?

Since the event is biennial, its upcoming edition is scheduled for October 2024. It is planned to take place at Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France. Opened for food trade visitors only.

What does SIAL Paris signify?

The abbreviation SIAL stands for Salon International de l'Alimentation. The event is a primary hub, serving as the gateway for American, Middle Eastern, and African suppliers to access and establish a presence within the European market.

What does the SIAL food show in Paris entail?

Here are some details about the SIAL food exhibition held in Paris: This food expo emerges biennially as a dynamic global stage, uniquely positioned to spotlight the FMCG, food distribution, and agribusiness sectors. This event seamlessly unites producers, buyers, suppliers, and investors, fostering a collaborative environment focused on the trends and innovations poised to shape the future of the food industry in the years ahead.

What is SIAL Paris?

SIAL Paris is the grand epicentre of the FMCG exhibition industry, a gathering place for connoisseurs and visionaries, eager to nourish their businesses. For six decades (since 1964), SIAL Paris has convened a diverse array of food industry specialists in the heart of the culinary world, all coming together to share their expertise and craft the recipes of tomorrow.
Make sure that Paris is the most convenient SIAL expo destination for your specific business purposes.
Here is a short list of the top food and beverage SIAL trade shows that you may find more accessible, bearing in mind your business’ location:
  • Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL- Kuala Lumpur
  • SIAL Canada – Montreal
  • SIAL Canada – Toronto
  • SIAL Paris – Paris, France
  • SIAL in China – Shanghai
  • SIAL in China – Shenzhen
  • SIAL in India – New Delhi
  • SIAL Interfood – Jakarta
  • Gourmet Selection – Paris
  • Cheese & Dairy products show – Paris, France
  • Djazagro – Algeria Trade Show 

Book a stand as early as possible and plan everything in advance

If you're planning to book a stand at the 2024 exhibition, it's essential to prepare well in advance, as prime spots tend to sell out quickly. The official organisers are here to assist you with everything, from designing and branding your exhibition stand to furnishing and stocking it. They offer guidance and support throughout the entire process.
Here is a list of key contacts involved in the food exhibition planning process:
  • Contact the people responsible for the international exhibitors: Céline Gstalder (Sales Director at SIAL), Julie Madar (Head of Sales at SIAL), Fernando Medina Zenoff (Head of Sales at SIAL), and Grégoire Bodiou (Sales Director APAC at SIAL).
  • Contact people responsible for the local exhibitors in different SIAL locations: Rita Ziab (SIAL Middle East), Béatrice Ip Yam (SIAL Canada), Daud Salim (SIAL Interfood Jakarta), Musab Abdo (SIAL Middle East), and Siddharth Chibba (SIAL India)
  • For any questions and further assistance, you can browse the official event website, where you will find the contacts of Aline Li (Customer Relationship Officer for SIAL America, SIAL Canada, SIAL Interfood, SIAL India, and SIAL China) and Thomas Dupin (Customer Relationship Officer for SIAL Paris).
After establishing contact with the appropriate specialist to handle your case, you can either initiate the preparation of your employees for the event or commence the design of your advertising materials, ready for printing prior to the exhibition.

Get informed about the SIAL Paris 2024 exhibitor list and make sure that your business fits in that F&B niche. You can visit the official website to get that information as the event approaches, or you can contact the organisers for a free consultation.

Leverage digital marketing. Before, during, and after the exhibition, leverage digital marketing to create buzz around your presence at SIAL Paris. Use social media, email marketing, and your website to inform your audience about your participation. Consider running special promotions or contests to engage with attendees both online and at the event.

Where is SIAL Positioned at the Food Market Scene of 2023?

Today, this biennial event draws exhibitors and visitors from over 200 countries, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of the global food calendar. The upcoming SIAL Paris 2024 dates are already fixed: from  Saturday, October 19, to Wednesday, October 23, 2024 (5 days) at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte.
Extra tip: SIAL Paris is not just about showcasing your products; it's also an opportunity to stay updated on the latest food industry trends and innovations in the packaged goods sector. Attend relevant seminars and sessions to gain insights into consumer preferences, market demands, and emerging technologies. This knowledge will help you adapt and thrive in the ever-changing FMCG landscape.

Here are some of the expo’s accompanying events

SIAL Innovation

Launched in 1996, SIAL Innovation is a dazzling stage for the latest food trends and the world's preeminent food innovation competition, featuring awards in 15 distinct categories.

SIAL Talks

SIAL TV has transformed into SIAL Talks: the essential destination for staying informed about the latest and upcoming developments in the food industry! This part of the SIAL event aims to mirror the emerging trends in our industry, encompassing areas like innovative food processing solutions, environmental impact, evolving retail formats, and more. This space allows exhibitors and high-calibre international experts to interact with speakers from around the globe in a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that fosters the exchange of valuable insights in the distribution, food processing, and catering sectors.

SIAL Paris Elevating Your FMCG Business to New Heights

Whether you're an up-and-coming startup or a well-established conglomerate, whether you are a rising distributor or have already established a reliable global supply network like Contest Distribution, whether you're introducing a groundbreaking product or representing a trusted international brand, SIAL Food Exhibition France is your launching pad to enduring success.

The SIAL Paris International Exhibition is a pivotal event for FMCG production and distribution companies looking to expand into new food markets. By following these five tips, you can present your company effectively, make meaningful connections, and conquer new horizons in the global food industry. Prepare well, showcase your innovation, network strategically, leverage digital tools, and stay informed about market trends to ensure your 
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