Pampers: The Brand for All Babies Who Love to Be Dry, Clean, and Comfortable

Pampers, currently owned by one of the major FMCG corporations, Procter and Gamble (P&G), and established in the US, is a leading international dealer of a newborn, baby, and toddler disposable diapers, training pants, and wipes. Pampers wholesale distributors worldwide have established a solid reputation for all of the company’s products, so this brand name nowadays equals comfort, cleanliness, and superior performance. In the 1950s, when Victor Mills, a chemical engineer for Procter & Gamble, was seeking a better way to diaper his grandson, and came up with the idea for the Pampers brand, he probably had no idea that his “invention” would reach this level of popularity and become the best internationally renowned nappies brand. The fame of Pampers bulk diapers fame is both owed to their gentle hypoallergenic formula and the reasonable Pampers wholesale price offered by their international distributors.

In 1961, Pampers shipped its first disposable diaper. In 2012, the company became the first P&G brand to bring in $10 billion in yearly sales for the corporation. Although it increased its wholesale prices by an average of 4% last year to offset rising raw material costs, Pampers is still the primary diaper choice for more than 25 million infants worldwide. Pampers diapers in bulk can be purchased in more than 100 countries, according to official data from the well-known packaged goods company P&G. Pampers has collaborated with UNICEF for more than ten years in order to prevent maternal and newborn tetanus in mothers and babies.

Contest Distribution has successfully chosen Pampers as a diaper dealer to work with because of the following factors:
  • The concept of Pampers is clear: carefully tested diaper ingredients from safe raw materials, without compromising on the quality or comfort of the baby.
  • A brand that is well-known everywhere and needs no introduction or advertising.
  •  A wide selection of models and sizes to fit any crawling baby or playful toddler just right.
  • Pampers is constantly investing in clinical safety research and monitoring their goods through quality control inspections on the production line as well as in-home testing with parents.
  • Pampers nappies and wipes are recommended by leading pediatricians and pediatric dermatologists. 

Pampers Bulk Buy Products We Ship Worldwide 

Whether you are a retailer, a daycare owner, or a parent who needs to buy Pampers in bulk online, you can choose between the following products:
  • Pampers wipes suitable for diaper change cleanup, as well as wiping the baby’s face and hands: Pampers Wipes Sensitive (a single pack of 52 pcs or a retailer’s package deal of 4x52 pcs, 6x52 pcs, or XXL Pack 6x80 pcs); Pampers Wipes Fresh Clean (a single pack of 52 pcs or a retailer’s package deal of 4x52 pcs, 6x52 pcs, or XXL Pack 6x80 pcs). All of the Pampers wipes bulk buy items we distribute are either fragrance-free or mildly scented with "baby scent."
  • Pampers Active Baby: Newborn Size 1 – 49 pcs; Size 2 (4-8 kg) - 66 pcs, 43 pcs, or Giant Pack 96 pcs; Size 3 (6-10 kg) – 29 pcs, 58 pcs, or a Giant Pack of 90 or 104 pcs; Size 4 (9-14 kg) – 25 pcs, 49 pcs, or a Giant Pack of 76 or 90 pcs; Size 4+ (10-15 kg) a Giant Pack of 70 pcs; Size 5 (11-16 kg) – 21 pcs, 42 pcs, or a Giant Pack of 64 or 78 pcs; Size 6 (13 – 18 kg) -  36 pcs or a Giant Pack of 56 or 68 pcs: Size 7 (17+ kg) - 40 pcs. All Active Baby nappies are hypoallergenic and clinically tested.
  • Pampers Premium Care: Newbaby 0 (suitable for newborns under 2,5 kg) - 30pcs, Newborn 1; Size 2 Mini – 23 pcs; Size 3 Midi – 20 pcs; Size 4 Maxi – 52 or 68 pcs; Size 5 Junior 44 or 58 pcs.
  • Pampers Pants: Size 3 – 29 and 54 pcs, or a Jumbo Pack of 62 pcs; Size 4 - 25 pcs, a Maxi Pack of 48 pcs, or a Jumbo Pack of 52 pcs; Size 5 - 22 pcs, a Maxi Pack of 42 pcs, or a Jumbo Pack of 48 pcs; Size 6 – a Maxi Pack of 36 pcs.
  • Pampers Pants Premium Care: Size 3 (6-11 kg) – 28 and 48 pcs, or a Jumbo pack of 70 pcs; Size 4 (9-15 kg) – 22 or 38 pcs; Size 5 (12-17 kg) – 20 or 34 pcs; Size 6 (15+ kg) – 31 or 42 pcs.

Why Contest Distribution Is the Best Place to Buy Pampers in Bulk 

As an experienced consumer of packaged goods for over a decade, we supply much more than the basic Pampers goods and can offer everything your baby needs for better sleep. 

How to Order Pampers Diapers Online

To get a personalized deal on bulk Pampers diapers and wipes of all sizes and package types, reach our logistics team by phone or email. They will also assist you with any labeling or repackaging services that you may need in order to comply with the local international goods import regulations that apply in your country.
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