Contest Distribution Proudly Announces That You Can Finally Enjoy Premium Quality Confectionery Goods in Lebanon 

Facts about the Current State of the Fast-Moving Packaged Goods Industry in Lebanon

The FMCG market in the Lebanese Republic has been very dynamic after 2006. With most of the economy being dolarized in combination with lacking or minimal government intervention in foreign trade, and missing legal restrictions on the movement of capital across the borders, doing business has never been easier before. Despite being a European-based company, Contest Distribution can only benefit from all of these factors and is excited to announce that the Republic of Lebanon is now officially added to our list of Middle-Eastern sweet wholesalers. Our transportation and delivery network covers the following governorates: Beirut, Akkar, Baalbek - Hermel, Beqaa, Keserwan-Jbeil, Mount Lebanon, Nabatieh, North and South Governorate.

We Want Your Candy Resale Business in Lebanon to Be Successful

With our global confectionery distribution experience there’s no logistices problem left unsolved. If you are struggling with establishing a successful gummy candy wholesale in Lebanon, you should know that the secret behind every well-developed candy delivery network is working with the right international supplier who can recommend you the correct brands to satisfy the local customer's taste and, of course, who can deliver them safely, lawfully, and timely. We believe that we can be that FMCGs supplier for you.

A Short Guide to Our Basic Services

Contest Distribution is well aware that proactive customer service is a significant pillar in online business growth, especially when it comes to expanding the wholesale candy shipping market in Middle-Eastern destinations such as Lebanon. So we put all of our effort into constantly improving the connections with our clients. In addition to timely personalized customer care, we offer: 
  1. Access to an established global packaged goods distribution network. 
  2. Individual retailer consultation, tailored to create the most profitable brand mix for the chosen destination area. 
  3. Impeccable logistics and transportation services - flawless delivery of international brands to more than 90 countries by maritime transport, air and land.
  4. Dealing with challenging shipping specifications in areas with many packaged goods import regulations. 
  5. Labeling to match the legal regional food import requirements or fancy the local consumers - including complete repackaging, sticker addition, as well as label design consultations with a product advisor.

Optimizing Your Business and Making More Money by Selling Sweetmeats That Everyone Loves 

Here's a short summary on what every distributor of wholesale candy for resale must know about the confectionery items that we supply worldwide. Some of our most sought after products include tempting chocolate treats. Luckily for local wholesale chocolate suppliers, we do offer a wide selection of milk and dark chocolate bars: 
  • Lindt Swiss chocolate and Lindor individually wrapped choco bonbons; Mars, Bounty, Snickers or Twix bulk chocolate bars; Ritter Sport, Oreo and Milka chocolates; Merci
  • Petit chocolates; Toblerone, etc.
  • For the youngest confectionery fans: Barni sandwiches, Zaini mini chocolate treats branded with famous cartoon characters, and Ferrero Kinder products: Kinder Bueno, Kinder Country, Kinder chocolate - mini and maxi, Kinder Schokobons, Kinder Happy Hippo, Kinder Joy and Kinder Surprise. 
  • Cote d’Or Chocotoff bonbons and chocolates in various packages: from individually wrapped party minis to maxi chocolate bar assortment collection packs. 
  • Nestle Joe wafers in various packages, sizes and flavors, as well as Knoppers nut bars and crisp sweet cookies.
  • Rainbow sweeties, refreshing dragee, and choco pops: M&M’s, Maltesers, Nestle Smarties, Skittles, Milkinis Schoko drops, and Tic-Tac just to name a few.   
  • Healthy morning snacks: Belvita Soft Bakes and Corny crunchy sugar-free oatmeal fitness bars.
  • Croissants and rolls: 7 Days (minis, max and double max); Chippicao.
  • Despite offering wholesale candy for resale, we also have in stock a wide array of potato chips, popcorn, and corn snacks by Lay’s, Pringles, Cheetos, Star, Ruffles, and Doritos. Wrigley’s gums and candies are also a part of our warehouse assortment. 
We can distribute to the Republic of Lebanon various types of beverages as well, including:
  • Red Bull and Hell Energy power drinks, as well as canned cold-brew Hell coffee cappuccino
  • Pepsi and Pepsi Twist, 7 Up, Mirinda, Lipton ice tea, Xixo
  • Caffeine beverages by Nescafe, Jacobs, Illy, Dallmayr, and Lavazza (capsules, premium quality ground coffee packs, as well as instant coffee jars)
  • Our seasonal ice-cream offers are also ready to be shipped to any Middle-Eastern destination. Get in touch with us if you are searching for some of the following: Snickers ice stick or bar; Mars and Bounty ice bar; Nuii ice cream adventure stick; Familia Hit sandwich or Familia Galaxy cone; Familia, Aloma, Nirvana, Kit Kat, Toblerone, Oreo, and Milka ice cream in plastic box containers; Pirulo watermelon or banana (sticks), and many more. 

Mastodon Confectionery Brands Well-Recognized in the Lebanese Republic. Here Are the Top Trade Names That We Work With

Local wholesale candy distributors can take advantage of selling the following renowned international brands of European origin:
  1. Lindt
  2. Ferrero
  3. Mars and Wrigley’s
  4. Storck
  5. Ritter Sport
  6. Mondelez
  7. Corny 
  8. Illy, Jacobs, Dallmayr, and Lavazza
  9. Nestle
  10. Nuii
  11. Trolly
  12. Zaini
  13. 7 Days
  14. Mentos
  15. Pringles, Lay’s, Doritos, Ruffles, and Cheetos
  16. Hell Energy and Red Bull
  17. Pepsi
  18. Colgate-Palmolive
  19. Bella
Although most of these foreign confectionery and hygiene companies have a best-selling product line that speaks for itself, you may still take advantage of booking a free consultation with Contest Distribution brand experts in order to make sure that the items you want to import will be accepted well by the local Lebanese package goods consumer. In addition to that, we can share with you some little-known but effective ways to boost the market popularity of an unfamiliar brand or product you are willing to source from Europe.

Let’s Talk about the Opportunities of Becoming a Confectionery Distributor of Globally-Recognized Product Lines in Lebanon

We are here for you whenever you want to talk about exporting world-famous bulk sweets of European origin to the Lebanese Republic. Scheduling a meeting with a Contest Distribution representative has never been easier. All wholesale candy importers who need advice regarding product pricing, billing and licensing, or have order and stock inquiries can use our help line or drop us an e-mail to get that information. 

For any business partnership inquiries you can rely on our team. We won't fail to provide for you the personalized customer experience you deserve as well as our support throughout the entire paperwork and shipping process. Contact us, and we will be glad to work through all wholesale confectionery business challenges and plans with you.
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