Top Confectionery Brands in Jordan

Top Confectionery Brands in Jordan

The Expansion of Western Confectionery over the Middle Eastern Market

Food is an integral part of the Jordanian community. Sharing a meal is an essential part of local hospitality, as is sharing a dessert at the dinner table. Some traditional desserts, however, have nowadays given way to a few of the most exquisite imported chocolate tastes, and Contest Distribution would love to tell you more about them!

A Quick Outlook on the Historic Development of the Jordanian Confectionery Industry 

Jordan, the exotic land of marvelous desserts that attract foodies from all over the world, has now opened its borders more than ever to the international packaged goods market and has welcomed some of the world’s top confectionery brands like Ferrero, Lindt, Mars, Storck, and Mondelez. Although the locals highly appreciate the traditional taste of well-known Middle Eastern treats like kanafeh, luqaimat, baklava, basbousa, and domestic flavour-infused cakes that perfectly pair with a cup of rich oriental tea, they have recently become more open to consuming FMCGs of European and American origin. And there is plenty of data provided by Jordanian industry executives to prove it. 

The Current Confectionery Trade Situation in Jordan

From a historical point of view, Jordanian cuisine has always been a constant in the local culture for many generations. However, up-to-date marketing confectionery industry reports derived from many research studies on current chocolate and sugar consumption over the past decade show that the share of brands sourced from abroad has significantly increased. Quite a few analysts, product managers, warehouse owners, and salesmen in the imported packaged goods market niche have indicated clearly that treats like Lindt Swiss chocolate, M&Ms, Twix, Mars, Snickers candy bars, Ferrero Rocher, and Wrigley’s Orbit have entered the daily shopping lists of local home and business owners. In 2021 alone, Jordan imported $102,000,000 in chocolate, becoming the world’s 59th largest importer of chocolate. Key industry data on the FMCG industry segment in Jordan predicts that by 2027, the share of imported chocolate bars, sugar, and cocoa confectionery, chewing gums, refreshments, personal hygiene products, and household detergents will double.

Top 5 Company Names That Need No Introduction in Jordan

Here is a short list of the companies that have already earned their local fame for all the right reasons:
  1. Lindt. If you plan a new market entry or market expansion and wonder which international brand will bring your business the highest initial profit, you should stick to the internationally recognized taste of Swiss chocolate. Lindt's exquisite chocolate treats and Lindor products that leave a feeling of chocolate slowly and luxuriously melting on the tongue need no introduction and are definitely a pay-off investment. Stocking up on them is always a good idea. If you are planning on running a new supermarket or warehouse in Jordan, Contest Distribution highly recommends you import one of their 2500 unique products: Lindt Excellence: milk, caramel, and dark chocolates; the exquisite Lindt Master chocolatier collection box; Lindt Creation chocolate bars; and Lindor milk chocolate, just to name a few.
  2. Ferrero. Ferrero treats are a joyous celebration for chocolate addicts worldwide, and the people of Jordan make no exception. Some of the locals’ favorites are: Ferrero Rocher bonbon collections; Kinder Choco-Bons; Kinder Surprise; Raffaello coconut bonbons; and Nutella hazelnut cocoa spread. As the second-biggest chocolate retailer in the world, Ferrero also produces specialty chocolates for all major holidays throughout the year. 
  3. Mars Incorporated. Twix, Mars, and Snickers are just a few of the excitingly different candy bars that have ruled the world ever since they were first launched on the international sweets market. The rainbow sugar candy chocolate shells branded under M&Ms are also a Mars Inc. party treat that enjoys wide popularity worldwide. Mars is an FMCG corporation that owns Wrigley’s: the world’s best-recognized chewing gum manufacturer that distributes Orbit, Spearmint, Wrigley’s 5, Hubba Bubba, and Juicy Fruit in Jordan.
  4. Storck. Toffifee is one of the best-recognized products of Storck due to its characteristic taste of a crunchy hazelnut covered in caramel, creamy nougat, and a splash of chocolate. The outstanding quality of Merci-selected chocolate boxes for every occasion also needs no introduction. Nimm2, Werther’s Original, Knoppers, and Mamba Stick are a few of the other treats well-known by Storck fans in Jordan. All of these and many more are readily available at our warehouse for worldwide shipping. 
  5. Mondelez. The international portfolio of Mondelez includes brand names like Cote d'Or, Toblerone, Oreo, BelVita, TUC, LU, Chips Ahoy, etc. The airport-free shop favorites, the jumbo pack triangle-shaped chocolates Toblerone, are an ideal gift for a beloved person. Oreos, on their part, are probably one of the most iconic cookies sold in more than a hundred countries worldwide and incorporated into a cake and bake recipes in many regions including the Middle East and Jordan in particular. BelVita is a healthier biscuit snack option for a sweet start to the day. For chocolate chip cookie fans, on the other hand, Chips Ahoy is the ideal party treats. And for those who prefer salty snacks, TUC is always at hand in local stores.

We Can Help You Identify Market Opportunities That You Have Never Thought About

Learn more about the prospects of the FMCG market expansion in Jordan from one of the most trusted packaged goods distributors worldwide, Contest Distribution! We have readily accessible key market data that may give you a better idea of the potential profitable investments that you can make. With more than 10 years of experience in the international distribution of fast-moving consumer goods of European and American origin, we have learned a lot about this business niche and are willing to share our insights with you. Join our family of satisfied business partners by requesting a consultation with one of our logistics team experts via phone or mail. Besides giving you a quick outlook on the current trendy brands you may be interested in bringing in, we also offer labeling services that can help you comply with the local food import requirements.
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