One of Our Boldest Dreams Finally Came True: Yes, Contest Distribution Exports to China

After COVID - 19 restrictions as well as revolutionary import and export changes in the global confectionery trade, at last China has opened its borders and heart for imported candy of European origin. More than 42% of the locals are willing to taste both classic sweets and bold new tastes. It is hard to believe that such a tremendous authority in the global sweets distribution industry as China also imports confectionery of European origin but they do. In fact, not all bulk candy manufacturers and suppliers, distributing premium quality packaged goods, are local businesses. European colossal brands like Lindt, Mars, Wrigley’s, Nestle, etc. are also producing sweets that enjoy their popularity in one of Asia’s most economically stable countries - the People’s Republic of China.  

5 Benefits of Being a Business Partner of Contest Distribution on the Asian Market 

As easy as it seems, confectionery distribution to China has its specifications. We know all about the current local guidelines and requirements regarding wholesale confectionery import in 2022, and are ready to handle any shipping and logistics issues that may occur with ease. 

Here are the services which you can count on us to perform in partnership with Chinese wholesalers:
  1. Product research. Before entering a new destination, we always check the local trends concerning the consumption of packaged goods of European origin. This way we recommend local confectionery distributors items which we believe will sell well in the respective region. 
  2. Transportation and logistics. We can deliver internationally-recognized FMCG items to wholesale chocolate distributors in all Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, as well as the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. We ship bulk candy by air, by land, and by sea.
  3. Distribution of various well-known global confectionery brands. We have all the confectionery items of the most famous candy companies under one roof. You don’t have to call different companies to get a premium selection of the best of the best packaged goods of European origin. Some of our valued business partners are Mars, Lindt, Ferrero, Nestle, Trolli, Wrigley’s, Pringles, Doritos, Nuii, Pepsi, Red Bull, and Colgate-Palmolive just to name a few. 
  4. Wholesale distribution. China is proud to be the home of some of the most loyal and cooperative wholesale Hong Kong candy distributors on a global scale. And we are always happy to create new stable partnerships with wholesalers in the country which is the world’s largest trading power nowadays. We offer  Lindt chocolates wholesale at the best price!
  5. Labeling and repackaging. To make the products we export appealing to the Chinese candy distribution companies, we can add extra labels or entirely repackage various items to meet the local requirements and taste. Bold and bright packaging is highly valued amongst young local confectionery consumers, so we are doing our best to make the goods we import appealing to the Chinese taste.

Catalog of the Types of Products of European Origin Which We Ship to China

  • Chocolate, candy, bonbons, and other confectionery
  • Sugar-free gums, hard mints, and jellybeans
  • Ice-cream: sticks, ice bars, cones, family-size plastic containers
  • Potato/Corn chips and popcorn, as well as some packed salty snacks
  • Carbonated drinks and caffeine energy drinks
  • Instant coffee, ground coffee, and capsules
  • Cleansers/Detergents, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and feminine products

Top 5 Candy of European Origin Trendy in China Today

Here is a short list of the ultimate best-sellers in the confectionery industry in China in 2022:
  1. Ferrero Rocher individually wrapped bonbons are a true hit amongst all chocolate fans in China. This is no surprise to confectionery distribution experts since the quality of the chocolate used for their manufacture is second to none. 
  2. Lindt chocolate and candy. Lindt is definitely one of the companies that holds a leading position in the chocolate distribution industry worldwide. These exquisite Swiss premium cocoa products are the preferred choice of many Asian confectionery lovers as well. 
  3. Snickers and Mars candy bars. Those need no introduction since they are already world-famous brands with an impeccable reputation.  
  4. Kit Kat. Although these candies, owned by Nestle, are manufactured locally as well, the majority of them are imported to China by European bulk candy distributors as Contest Distribution. Nestle Smarties are also quite popular these days. 
  5. Skittles. Those rainbow candies are highly-enjoyed by the locals because of their vibrant fun colors and fresh taste which has almost remained unaltered after their first appearance in the UK during the 1970’s. 

Other Classic Candy Worth Importing from Europe

Influenced by the Western culture spreading globally, China is also slowly becoming a consumer society, which is subsequently leading to the rise in demand of FMCGs. Here’s our top selection of sweets and individually wrapped candies which we consider suitable for this part of the Asian confectionery market:
  • Mars, Bounty, Twix, and Snickers ice bars; Familia and Aloma ice boxes (family packs). These are just a few of your best “summer friends”.
  • Wrigley’s Airwaves, Orbit, and Five chewing gums. Especially the sugar-free types, since the locals are highly-educated about nutrition and do try to avoid artificially sweetened foods. Commercialized health-jeopardizing candies are not appealing to the people of China. 
  • Lavazza coffee. Pure Italian perfection at a good price for both ground and capsuled coffee.

Is It Possible to Address Contest Distribution Directly?

As a candy distribution expert with a decade of experience, Contest Distribution highly values quality communication with all our international partners. Doing chocolate shipping business with us is an experience built on mutual trust. Since we want to establish a stable relationship with our Chinese wholesale customers, we have a special department responsible for our global orders. You can reach us via phone or mail anytime you need responses regarding our product lines and logistics. All our staff members are fluent English speakers ready to assist you.
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