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How Imported Candy of European Origin Effortlessly Substituted Local Childhood Sweets in Hong Kong

The FMCG market in Hong Kong has gone through some very dynamic changes provoked by the globalization of the bulk confectionery distribution during the pandemic. The general demand for imported candy has risen by more than 6,5% only during 2021 alone. Every local sweets storekeeper in the country knows that the kick of the online business revolution affected most wholesale Hong Kong candy suppliers in the country. If in 2018 the average Hongkongese kid would go to the local store to get some whistle candy, ring candy, curry corn roll, or chocolate glasses, Eastern Asian children nowadays prefer the well-known European confectionery brands such as Skittles, Mars, and Snickers widely advertised online and on TV. 

The drastic rise in the demand for bulk sweets therefore encouraged wholesale Hong Kong distributors like Contest Distribution to contact more and more cheap sweets wholesalers in the area and offer globally-recognized confectionery brands like Ferrero, Lindt, Wrigley’s Orbit, Mars, Snickers, Bounty, etc. Low taxation and free trade are definitely points of attraction to many international FMCG wholesale distributors who want to expand their business territory and we are no exception.  

The Most Recommended Confectionery Products We Distribute Worldwide

If you are still wondering which are the top-favored packaged goods which Contest Distribution ships internationally, read on to find out the tags of the brands we do recommend.
  • Bonbons and premium quality chocolate treats by Lindt, Lindor, and Lindt Excellence, Ferrero Rocher, Milka, Rafaello, Cote D’ Or, and Toblerone. These sweets are perfect for the days when we want to congratulate ourselves for being successful in something important for us, or the special occasions in our lives. We offer  wholesale Lindt chocolate at the best price!
  • Mars, Snickers, Twix and Bounty candy bars. They are the favorite products of most Hong Kong wholesale candy distributors that import candy of European origin. These treats can bring everyone who has ever tried them a chocolate-covered pleasure beyond real. 
  • M&M’s, Maltesers, Skittles, Smarties, Kit Kat pops, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Schoko bons, Zaini chocolate eggs, Trolli jelly beans, Nutella biscuits, Kinder chocolate, and Barny sponge biscuits can put a smile on every child’s face. These snacks are proven energy boosters that can turn every kid into a true tornado. 
  • You don’t carry apples with you all the time? “One Orbit a day keeps the doctor away.” Wrigley’s sugar-free chewing gums as Orbit, Hubba bubba, Spearmint, Airwaves, and Five are highly appreciated by Honkommgers who highly value their dental health and take care of it on a daily basis.
  • For a healthy start of the day BelVita breakfast Soft Bakes or Corny energy bars. They are also highly recommended to those who want to pack a light snack for a hike. 
  • Lavazza, Illy, Nescafe, Dallmayr, and Jacobs for the perfect start of the day. Everyone knows that a premium quality cup of coffee can boost your mood for hours ahead. 
  • Red Bull, Hell, and Pepsi caffeine drinks to fight exhaustion. A single energy drink can miraculously boost an individual’s creativity at work or refresh his mind in the after-working hours. With the schedule of the locals being busier than ever lately, the demand for such items has risen significantly. 
  • Cheetos, Lay’s, Pringles, Doritos, Stars corn snacks and popcorn, Ruffles. All of these ultimate party treats can substitute an elaborate dinner at movie night gatherings and other casual parties where fine-dining gives way to fast food. 

4 Ridiculously Simple Reasons to Choose Contest Distribution as Your Wholesale Hong Kong Supplier 

  1. We ship to both wholesalers and storekeepers. Regardless of whether your business is big or small, you can count on our consultation and globally-recognized candy delivery services
  2. The products we ship need no advertising. Most of the confectionery brands that we distribute do not need any introduction because they have been on the FMCG market for decades and have established an immaculate reputation. That means, Hongkongese, marketers working with us, do not have to worry about their product promotion budget. Company names like Ferrero, Lindt, Mars, Nestle, Wrigley’s, Pringles, Ritter Sport, Lavazza, Pepsi, Red Bull, and Corny are globally recognized and speak for themselves.
  3. We offer a personalized labeling service. Our marketing team is not only an expert in shipping and logistics but also knows how to seek the habits of the local consumers and get to know clients personally. As a result of that, we can recommend repackaging or relabeling of some candy in bulk which we may find inadequate for the confectionery market in Hong Kong. 
  4. Our logistics team is familiar with the regional economic system. We are well-aware of the liberal cross-boundary free-trade between China and Hong Kong by rail and road, as well as the minimal government market intervention, because we do export to mainland China as well. Since Hong Kong maintains a separate economic system from that of mainland China, the import requirements differ as well. If you seek solutions to any logistics issues regarding cargo trans-shipments and trade between the local regions, you should not hesitate to seek our advice on that. 

Tips on How to Use Our Services to Your Advantage

When you need to buy candy in bulk from a reliable international wholesale confectionery dealer, based in Europe, Contest Distribution should be the distributor to come to your mind in the first place. We can help your business in one of the most densely populated places on Earth grow quickly in a hassle-free manner. Hong Kong has so far proven to be a highly-valued business partner for us since it is one of the most significant commercial ports and the 9th largest international importer. We ship bulk chocolate to all 18 districts within its territory, including: The new territories (Islands, Kwai Tsing, Sai Kung, North, Tai Po, Sha Tin, Tsuen wan, Yuen Long, and Tuen Mun); Kowloon ( Kowloon City, Kwun Tong, Yong Tai Sin, Yau Tsim Mong, and Sham Shui Po); as well as Hong Kong Island (Central and Western, Southern, Eastern, and Wan Chai). Send us an e-mail and let us know more about your location and trading if you are interested in establishing a stable long-term business partnership with us!  
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