Wholesale Partners of Contest Distribution in the State of Palestine

As a European company always striving for development and expansion, we are part of the global revolution in online commerce, driven by the restrictions of COVID-19 over the past 2 years. Thus expanding our partnership with Middle-Eastern wholesalers helped our team successfully set foot in the Asian confectionery wholesale suppliers

Trendy Packaged Foods and Other Fast-Moving Consumables Distributed by the Middle Eastern Wholesale Retailers

In order to keep up with the current affinity of increased packaged food consumption worldwide, and in this part of Asia in particular, we have been constantly communicating with our wholesale candy distributors for Palestine and therefore updating our list of most valued international confectionery items for export. The recent sustainable development of the Palestinian online grocery businesses after the e-commerce revolution that began in 2020 is a natural and expected process that encourages more and more companies dealing with intercontinental import to enter this business territory. And Contest Distribution is no exception. Our branded international products can be lawfully imported in all local zones, including East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which is the most disadvantaged Palestinian area at the moment. 

Traditions versus Globalization

Should Habitual Sweet Treats Like Kanafeh, Halava, Baklava, Awameh, and Ghoriba Give Their Way to Imported Candy Bars, Chocolate, and Lollies?
Although Palestine is a land of traditions, the Western influence has also entered this holy territory. Even though customary treats are highly valued, locals appreciate imported wholesale FMCG products as well. And as the list of preferred local dishes may vary by region, so may the list of preferred FMCGs. In order to satisfy all tastes and requirements our company exports both classic and nocurrent seasonal packaged goods that are not on the grocery market constantly.
Seasonal fast-moving consumer goods imported in the State of Palestine by Contest Distribution include:
  • Party lollies - Our range of bulk lollies online include chocolate bars, gummy sweets, sherbet products, mints, lollipops, party bags with sweet treats, chewing gums with refreshing summer fruit flavors, sugar-free candies and many more. Some of the top globally-recognized confectionery brands that we work with are Lindt, Ferrero, Nestle, Wrigley, Mars candy brands, Storck, 7 Days, etc.
  • Ice cream - As a confectionery wholesaler with a wide distribution network, Contest Distribution offers only best-selling international ice cream brands. These include ice bars (Snickers, Mars, Bounty, Familia Sandwich), After Eight ice-cream cake, Oreo bites, ice cream cones and sticks (Milka, Oreo, Toblerone, Nestle Boss, Nesquik, Pirulo, Nuii), boxed ice cream (Toblerone, Kit Kat, Oreo, Milka, Nirvana, Aloma, Familia) just to name a few. 
  • Beverages made to quench your thirst during the dry season - Coffee (espresso, single serving coffee capsules, instant, filter or ground coffee by Lavazza and Illy), peach or lemon flavored Lipton ice tea, refreshing Mirinda, 7 Up, and Pepsi Twist products (bottled or canned), Energy drinks (Red Bull Summer Edition, Hell Energy Ice Cool product line, as well as XIXO drinks).
All-year-round favorite best selling beverages, sweets and candy are also distributed by our online business. We ship worldwide classic confectionery items which are non-seasonal. Here’s a short list of our top international products dispatched to our business partners in all parts of the globe:
  • For the perfect party or snack on the go we recommend the following wholesale confectionery products: Nestle Joe crispy wafers with cocoa, hazelnut, coconut, orange, vanilla, and milk cream; Storck choco toffees; Storck caramel or fruit individually wrapped party bonbons and candies in bulk; Knoppers nut bars; Merci crunch mini wafers; party bags of Maltesers, M&M’s, Kit Kat pops, Kinder Schoko bons, and Kinder Bueno mix; Nestle Smarties; Barni sandwich biscuits; Twix, BelVita healthy snack cookies; Lindor and Rafaello individually wrapped bonbons; Fine line Lindt chocolate wholesale; Toblerone; Ritter Sport chocolates; Cote d‘Or chocolate bar and Chokotoff product lines; Milka products, including Oreo minis and various types of alpine chocolate; Prince biscuits, and Mikado sticks pocket snacks; Emilia cocoa powder; Zaini Crokki spread and chocolate eggs; Corny energy and muesli bars; Bake rolls, Ferrero products, 7 Days and Chipicao party croissants.
  • Chips: Pringles potato chips; Ruffles and Cheetos assortment; Doritos corn chips; Lay’s (fried or oven-baked); Star snacks and popcorn.
  • Chewing gums and gummy candies: Skittles; Werther's caramels; Trolli and Nimm gummi softies; Airwaves, Hubba Bubba, Halls, Five, Orbit, Spearmint, and Big Red chewing gums; Chupa Chups lollipops; Mentos refreshing drops; Tic Tac mint drops.
  • Detergents and feminine hygiene products. Those include: Seni Lady and Bella intimate products; Colgate toothpaste; Ajax all-purpose cleaning detergents; Palmolive soap, shampoo and conditioner items. 

Services Than Our Palestinian Export Business Partners Can Benefit From  

We, at Contest Distribution can proudly define ourselves to be FMCG wholesale suppliers who are not limited to just logistics but can manage quite a few tasks, maintaining the reputation, security, and protection of our Middle-Eastern business partners. We offer a wide package of services incorporating: 
  • Adequate labeling of European confectionery products which may need a new package design suitable for their country of export. (According to foreign candy wholesale experts, often repackaging sweets or simply adding a sticker to their current wrap can significantly increase their overall consumption and build their popularity.)
  • Safe and timely distribution of well-known branded FMCGs of European origin to all Palestinian territories including East Jerusalem, areas A and B in the West Bank, and the controversial Gaza Strip. 
  • Unparalleled customer service from the very first e-mail contact to the final delivery at the destination wholesale or retail market. 
  • Top-quality transportation and shipment without boundaries. 

Unrestricted Candy International Shipping Service Performed Impeccably - Here’s How It's Done!

We would like to share our little secret with all Palestinian confectionery wholesalers willing to work with us. We do love Arabic coffee and lemonade but we do enjoy beverages and candy of European origin no less than that. And we are always ready to help you savor all of the globally recognized confectionery items we value the most. Our bulk candy logistics department is of service 24/7 to all potential Palestinian or other Middle-Eastern business partners. Contact Contest Distribution today and we will let you know how to get our business partnership started!
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